How old is the electric welder for people to do it? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this industry?

4 thoughts on “How old is the electric welder for people to do it? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this industry?”

  1. The welder industry has always been a relatively popular occupation, which is higher than other occupational income. So what age is suitable for people in this industry to do, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of it? Let's take a look.
    The actually does not have a special age requirements engaged in the welding industry. It is no problem to engage in this industry until retirement. In fact, after retirement, there are not a few people who continue to engage in this industry. Many construction sites, older welders, are also many. Therefore, there is no age division in this industry. And can actively invest in work, age is not a problem.
    In again, take a look at the advantages of this industry.
    Melectomorgian is one of the most common types of work at present. Basically, there are his existence in all walks of life, such as aerospace manufacturing, oil, electricity, construction, smelting and other departments. The industry's employment prospects are very good. After learning this technology, I do n’t worry about finding work.
    , the income of this industry is also very high. Compared with other industries, it will be a grade higher. If the technology is good, it is not a problem to enter through 10,000 a month, so many friends choose this industry.
    It look at the shortcomings of the welder, its disadvantages are mainly manifested in the harm of welding. Friends who have done the work of welding know that this industry is really not easy. The work is relatively hard. It is cold in winter, hot in summer, and the smoke and dust from the welding and strong sparks will cause varying degrees of damage to the body. Many friends engaged in welding work have scars. It is enough to see the hard work of this job.
    So friends who are engaged in this industry must pay attention to strengthening their awareness of self -protection, wearing masks, masks, etc. at work, and strengthen environmental ventilation, minimize damage caused by the body during welding. This is also a prerequisite for long -term work.

  2. Suitable for people between 25 and 45 years, because this kind of work is relatively hard, and at the same time, the technical requirements are relatively high. It also needs very good physical fitness and very good physical strength. The salary of this industry is very good, but this work is not a special experience. The working environment is also dirty. The work is also very hard, and it will also affect vision.

  3. The welder does not have a strict age requirements. As long as you have technology, the grade can also work. The advantage of this industry is that the wage income is very high, and it is very promising. The disadvantage is that welding is more dangerous, and at work, the dust and sparks of welding will cause small damage to the body.

  4. It should be more suitable for people around 40 years old. If they are too early, they may not want to do this dirty work, but if they are particularly old, they will be particularly unprofessional. Essence The benefits of this industry are that they earn more money, and they may be busy every day, and life is particularly fulfilling. The disadvantage is that it may hurt our eyes, and it is possible to hurt our own body during work.

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