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  1. At present, Hangzhou's most famous is the Huadong electric vehicle market. The address is: No. 306 Wen Er Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Here Emma, ​​Yadi, Xinri, Lvyuan, immediately, Biwen, Mavericks, all of the major brands, there are many local brands, such as Hengguang, Morak, Merragmaca Maha, etc. This is the most complete brand of the Hangzhou brand. The shopping mall, there are also electric cars on the surrounding area, you can get on the license plate after buying the car.

    not far from the East China electric vehicle market, there is also a cross -section There are more than 10 brands such as Emma Street, Emma, ​​Yadi, Luyuan, Mavericks, Morak, Fei Shida, Hengguang, but the overall scale is not large.
    The streets of Qingchun Road Electric Vehicles (the area of ​​the intersection of Qingchun Road Huancheng East Road) are the oldest electric car market in Hangzhou, and now it is still famous for its famous electric vehicle market. EMU brand. Emma, ​​Yadi, immediately, green source, Mavericks, Bigwin.
    It, there are several large electric vehicle malls in the main urban area, Sandun, Xiangfu Bridge, Xiasha, and other places. , On Sandun Road. The Lushun store of Xiangfuqiao Electric Vehicle has been relocated. The intersection of Shixiang Road and Mogan Mountain Road to the direction of the car city is 150 meters. There is an Emma Shun Emperor Mall.

  2. 1. The market address of the electric vehicle in the city: No. 407, Hangzhou Huxu South Road and Wenli Road
    2. Hangzhou East China Electric Electric Vehicle Market Address: Wen Er Road No. 306 3. Hangzhou Chengbei Electric Motor Supermarket Address: Hangzhou Mogan Mountain Road No. 1063

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