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  1. Guangzhou Wantong Automobile School is still very good. It has the following advantages:
    . Brand advantage: Wantong Automobile Education, as the first brand of Chinese auto repair education, is a designated training base for national auto repair talents. Tens of thousands of outstanding students have been unanimously recognized by employers and parents of students, and their social reputation is good.
    . Professional advantages: Guangzhou Wantong Automobile School meets market demand, launched automobile intelligent testing and operation (two -year college), automobile application and new energy technology engineers, new energy vehicle testing and maintenance technicians, automobile 4S maintenance The technician, automobile use and maintenance, car beauty and other majors constitute a very professional professional system.
    . Teaching advantages: Guangzhou Wantong Automobile School keeps advancing with the times in teaching, keeping up with the development trend of the automotive market, adopting the original "target incentive five -step teaching method", results -oriented teaching method, hand -to -hand teaching mode , 6S training management, teaching the "seven points of practice and three points theory" based on the aptitude, so that every student learns the real car maintenance skills.
    . The advantage of teachers: "First -class teachers create first -class teaching." Teachers of Guangzhou Wantong Automobile School are selected from major automobile companies and well -known universities across the country to ensure that students have the best quality teachers. In addition, all institutions have also hired top auto repair experts with rich professional knowledge and teaching experience in the automotive industry in schools to teach lectures and teach students advanced car professional knowledge.

  2. 选择汽修学校很重要,关系到学子以后的事业问题,和家人的支持问题,在选择汽修学校的时候务必要考虑一下一个方面:学校的教学设备、老师的教学方法、校园的环境问题、 The teaching environment of the training room, employment after graduation, etc., can basically judge the quality of a auto repair school from the above points.
    1. The demand for the auto repair industry is large, the work is easy to find, and the working environment is good.
    2. The work and social contact of the auto repair industry are relatively close and follow the trend. It's big.
    4. Some schools now have some policies to add academic qualifications, but mainly depending on your own choices. Although it sounds good to go to college, many college students are unemployed when they graduate. You can work and choose the right industry, and the future development space will be very large.
    It at least the brand: at least it is a regular school. There are related school qualifications, strong funds, and guaranteed teaching equipment. In fact, private colleges and universities have advantages than public, and the curriculum design of private schools is closer to market demand.
    The training: Learning to repair technology. Of course, training courses are important. There is a theory that can not be used to repair cars and wax. Which company will want you? So training is very critical, training is training The ratio of the course is higher than the theoretical courses, but it is not to say that all training is good. Only by combining theoretical training can the learning effect be realized.
    Is to see management: The good and bad of a auto repair school, in addition to seeing whether you can learn technology, you must also consider whether you can improve your personal literacy. Only with good personal literacy and superb technology, in the society, in society, in society Only in the work will have long -term development.

  3. Hello, if you want to learn the major of the car industry, choosing a school is the key. First of all, it is necessary to look at school qualifications, school experience, professional school, brand influence; look at school facilities and equipment, teaching aid models, whether students can be disassembled and teachers. Secondly, it depends on whether the school's employment can be guaranteed. Choose the right school and choose the right life, choose once, and use it for life.

  4. Learn the technical technology must choose a professional school! To examine from these aspects!
    . The popularity of the school
    Me a regular school. There is more guarantee. In fact, private colleges and universities have advantages than public, and the curriculum design of private schools is more suitable for market demand.
    . Teaching equipment
    The auto repair industry is a very professional industry. The technological innovation of the auto repair industry is also very fast. Therefore, whether the equipment is professional, whether the equipment is advanced, etc. Within the range.
    . Training courses
    Thetegen training is in training, testing hands -on ability, while basic knowledge is good, and practical practice is very important. The training course determines the teaching quality of the auto repair school. Essence The proportion of training courses is higher than the theoretical courses. Only by combining theoretical training can the learning effect be maximized.
    . Seeing management
    The good or bad of a auto repair school. In addition to seeing whether it can teach technology, it is also necessary to consider whether it can improve personal literacy. After the superb technology, it will have long -term development in the work of society.
    . Employment guarantee
    In employment, what are the guarantee of employment students employment, whether there are long -term reliable well -known cooperative companies, for entrepreneurial students, whether entrepreneurial assistance is complete, and it needs to consider it carefully!

  5. Auto Repair Training School is a vocational skilled school that cultivates various professional auto repair talents. The school should always build the book with integrity and professional governance. It is necessary to open a car 4S application engineer specialty, automobile detection and maintenance, automobile senior technician, automotive maintenance technician, automobile and electrical technician professional, automotive and electrical technicians, automotive beauty decoration technicians Wait for multiple cars. Auto Repair Technician School establishes modern training rooms such as high -end cars, automotive ejection, pavilcrea engines, automotive transmission, automotive beauty, and multimedia network education center; ensure the practical operation of students!

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