Guangzhou real estate dispute lawyer, is there the best lawyer?

Recently, there is a major dispute with real estate developers who need to find a good real estate lawyer to help me.

3 thoughts on “Guangzhou real estate dispute lawyer, is there the best lawyer?”

  1. Lawyer Jiang Qirong is a practicing lawyer of Guangdong Hongmian Law Firm. He graduated from the famous university South China Normal University in his early years. He has the background of legal knowledge and science and engineering. He obtained a high school teacher qualification in 2003. He obtained lawyers in 2004. He is sincere and serious. He has served South China Normal University, Shenzhen Fuyuan Education Group, Vipshop (China) Co., Ltd. and other units. He is the director of the Guangdong Provincial Human Resources Research Association and a director of the Guangzhou Modern Management and Management Association.
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  2. Lawyer Wang Youbai, a lawyer of Guangzhou Tiansui Law Firm, a well -known lawyer in Guangzhou, and chief lawyer of the first -class lawyer team, is good at handling major and complex real estate cases. You can contact this lawyer, phone,. You can find my detailed information as soon as you search.

  3. There is no best lawyer, only lawyers who are most suitable for your case, Baidu search Jingsheng Law Firm to find Director Yuan. The industry is very famous.

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