2 thoughts on “The words of blessings in the group, warming people's hearts”

  1. 1) The wind is light and the clouds are faint, the rain is thin and affectionate, and acquaintance is fate! Knowing it is a share! Let the text message go to my blessing! Let the radio wave take my thoughts! Let the information take away your troubles and let me bless You!
    2) Encourage to give it to the best you, take it to the most missed you, greet the you who care about the most, and give you the best you, I wish you all the best, always go smoothly! R! n3) Good friends are dreams, sleeping and missing; good friends are blood, flowing heartfields; good friends are gold, heavy and heavy; good friends are fate, one life is the same; good friends are the road, the more the good friends are; the good friend is Blessing, auspiciousness.
    4) The petals are snowing, leaving the flower heart to you, blowing the wind in the four seasons, leaving the maple leaves to you, the tide of the month, leaving you the joy to you, the deep blessings to you, the weather, the weather, the weather, the weather, the weather Changing, pay attention to your body!
    5) Recently, high temperatures have not retreated, and the hot sins every day; pay attention to cherish yourself, do not too tired at work; eat more fruits during the day, go to sleep at night; The lungs are precious; you and my friend once, this time reminder is free!
    6) My concern, heating up when it is cold; my concern, shaking when the wind rises; my thoughts, dripping when it rains; my blessing; my blessing , Flying during the snow! Stay on a text message with my body temperature and send you the warm sun in winter!
    7) The joke is a happy starting point, false words are beautiful lies, gossip is life experience, love words are love The contribution, no matter how the pressure you work every day, I hope to find the root of happiness and keep a bright smile!
    8) Smile and clear the troubles; jump and stretch your legs and bend over; Forbearance, three -point hungry and seven -point fullness; sleeping, good at noon;

  2. I wish everyone a happy and happy thing, everything, good health, good health, smooth sailing, everyone laughs together, spend a good time together

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