Cangzhou pearl financial analysis? Cangzhou Pearl Stock Bar Communication Group? The latest product of Cangzhou Pearl?

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  1. A rising round of the Ningde Times has also attracted the public's attention by the concept stocks of the Ningde Times. Among them, the pearl of Cangzhou is considered this concept. So what exactly is this stock and the value of investment? I will give you now to everyone now Analyze it in detail. I have n’t started analyzing the pearl of Cangzhou yet. I have shared it with the list of leading stocks in the chemical synthetic materials industry. Chemical synthetic material leader column table

    . From the perspective of the company,

    company introduction: Cangzhou Pearl Plastic Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. Its main business is PE pipeline, BOPA film, and lithium -ion battery diaphragm products. The main products are multi -type pipe pipes, film, lithium -ion battery diaphragm, etc. The company has the world's advanced technology level PE pipe production line and two -way synchronous stretching nylon (BOPA) production line. Its product quality has reached the first -class level of domestic similar products. He has been rated as an advanced technology enterprise in Hebei Province for many years, and High -tech enterprises in Hebei Province.

    Is to understand the overview of the Cangzhou Pearl's company, let's start from the highlight to see if the value of Cangzhou Pearl has the value of investment.

    In highlights: the leading technology industry, the market demand space is wide

    The pearl of Cangzhou as one of the largest BOPA film manufacturing companies in China, with its long -term and technical advantages for a long time At the level of the leading industry, a total of six BOPA film production lines are set up simultaneously and step by step. The company is still the leader of the domestic independent research and development of the BOPA film synchronization two -way stretching process. of.

    In bright spots: advanced diaphragm technology, the expansion of production capacity and welcoming performance growth

    The company's continuous technology research and development has broken through the relevant technical bottlenecks. The production technology and production technology of the diaphragm also achieved large -scale production, which has become a small number of enterprises that can produce at the same time produced in the country that can produce dry -diaphragm, wet diaphragm and coating modified diaphragm products. Battery manufacturers have begun to use. At present, the company has a total production capacity of 290 million square meters, 190 million square meters, and 100 million square meters. With the continuous expansion of production capacity, the possibility of the company's profitability is also very high. Considering the problem of space, the details of the deep report and risk prompts of Cangzhou Pearl have been sorted out in the research report below. You can understand: [Deep Research Report] Cangzhou Pearl Comment, Suggestion Collection!

    . From the perspective of the industry

    PE pipeline: Plastic pipeline technology and funds can be said to be relatively low barriers, so the industry market competition becomes more and more intense. The possibility of industrial concentration will gradually increase.

    Is for lithium battery diaphragm: In recent years, the new energy application terminal has achieved explosive rise, providing power for the development of the lithium battery septal industry. The advantages of the transformation.

    bopa film: BOPA film is one of the rapid development of high -end packaging materials in the world in recent years, and it is mainly widely used in food packaging. Under the conditions of continuous enhancement of food safety and environmental protection requirements, the market space of boiled bags using BOPA film as substrate materials will grow very much in the future.

    In short, Cangzhou Pearl has advanced craftsmanship, first -class quality, and three major businesses have room for further development. The development prospects are very good. However, the article will have a certain lag. If you want to know more accurately, you can directly use the link below. Some professional people analyze the stocks to see if the valuation of Cangzhou Pearl is high or low. [Free] Is the Test of Cangzhou Pearl is now overvalued or underestimated?

    The Answee time: 2021-12-09, the latest business changes are based on the data displayed in the link in the text, please click to view

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