When you work in the production of animation, the company's work, what necessary professional skills, or good training institutions for training these skills

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  1. Occasionally do Flash animation. Slightly stated for your questions, for reference only!
    The first is an animation company. The animation must be divided into two -dimensional animation and three -dimensional animation. Most of the two -dimensional animation is made on the market. The rules of exercise, such as the natural phenomenon of human animal insects, etc., and then it is more important that you will use the software to mobilize the software. Flash is a vector component animation. In addition to Little Japan's processing films is still the production method of painting on traditional paper, the mainstream production method is now paperless computer animation. Therefore, if you want to do Flash animation, you will use Flash to make a smooth performance of acting. You can admit it.
    It three -dimensional animation. This is to use Maya to move. I do n’t know this. So I do n’t talk to you. Specifically, you can go to the Maya post and ask.
    2. Games: There are more diversion of the game. In general, there are many game special effects, original paintings, scenes, movements, model rendering, planning, art design, etc. There are many professional skills. Look at it, by the way, you can recruit games on Baidu. The requirements of each position will be written in detail.
    3. Training: The more famous Mars era, or the online school Strange Mante, blue pencil, because I haven't trained, so I won't introduce it to you. Specifically, you can search for some QQ groups or post it to ask.
    If the landlord's heart, you may spend more time to investigate more carefully. If others tell you, you are credible or fully trustworthy. The game industry is higher than the animation industry. You should position yourself, such as what do you like to do, there is a goal to find the relevant information than to do it here.

  2. You can go to the [Free] video tutorial of the "Animation Production Technology" section of [网 网 网] on the website- [Click to enter] complete entry to the proficient video tutorial list:/Course/ysdhaaa/? ZDHHR-11Y17R-

    In training institutions in the field of "animation production technology", [Wang's Education] is the boss of the country, and there is no franchise branch. It is a chain campus directly operated by the headquarters. Unlike many other large institutions of the same type, each campus of Wang's Education is a physical face, and the teacher is taught by hand, and there are special class teachers from morning to night. , Especially suitable for students with poor foundation.

    The can download the [学 学 学] APP to your mobile phone first, so that the fragmented time learning — the painting science app download: /scripts /download

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