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  1. What do you need to master zero -based stores
    Slord -based opening stores need to master. When opening the store, you need to master a lot of knowledge. For many novice Xiaobai entrepreneurs, most people have not touched brand operations , Store management and other knowledge areas. Here is what you need to master zero -based store opening.
    What to open a store to open stores 1. Examine the market to determine the project. Before the novice opens the store, we must focus on a general industry based on their own experience, hobbies and market prospects. From the aspects of market saturation and its own advantages, we will comprehensively consider determining the project.
    . According to the scale of its own funds, novices need to conduct a rough budget and allocation of store rent, service product funds, employees and material allocation, and mobile cash according to their own funds. Provide the necessary decisions based on the point.
    3. Choose a suitable location for rental stores. If novices are engaged in the retail or catering industry, the store location is best to choose the first floor of neighboring communities, university middle schools, office buildings or industrial parks. Floor above the second floor.

    4. Decoration and layout of the store, the decoration style of the flowing business venue is suitable for simple harmony and cleanliness. For example, holographic projection experience hall. It is best to find a professional decoration company responsible for specific operations.
    5. Preparation of procurement service products, whether it is a physical product or a virtual service, the novice must learn related professional knowledge during the process of preparation, and the goods are compared with three. The physical product must check the supplier sample. Experience and determine after -sales service in place.
    6. The publicity work should be in place. The store must be opened while hot ironing to make the advertisement in place. Small -scale shops can be put on firecrackers for customers to discount for one day. The product is promoted by a prize quiz.
    7. Perform marketing analysis regularly. The store must install a high -quality marketing system. Novices must standardize and use its functions, regularly settlement and analysis, and timely discover the highlights and shortcomings in marketing. Adjust marketing strategies to adapt to the market and improve profitability.
    What do you need to master zero -based stores 2 1. The location is very important
    I is well known that there must be a facade for opening the store, with self -construction and lease. To a very important role. Alipay binds. It can be said that no matter which investment project is selected, a good geographical location can lay a good foundation for future development.
    It, especially one -door retail industry. The choice of storefronts is often the key to success or failure. With the opening of the store, it first determines the fate of success or not. It can be said that choosing a good store address is equivalent to half of it. Net-Early offline. Ms. Zhu, a retail customer, said that we are back to the big tree.
    It is to use the flow of the people to attract popularity. It costs less money, the effect is fast, and the effect of the operation is also obvious. Ms. Zhu's retail stores are close to the city's largest shopping mall, and the business is booming.
    2. Misplaced operation
    This to operate misaligned, so that you have unique advantages. At the same time as dislocation operations, it is not limited to the product itself. The sincere attitude, personalized shop design, and the quality of employees are also listed. In the face of different shops, if you want customers to enter your shop, you must be unique and show a distinctive style.
    The shop is like human personality. The store has no characteristics, and it will become unsightly, and it cannot attract customers. To do a good job of shop features, we must understand the consumption habits of customers and cooperate with the appetite of customers. In addition to paying attention to geographical nature.
    It also consider the limitation of the local economic standards, personnel, skills, and funds. It is best to start with as much as possible. I am more familiar.

    3. Thinking for customers
    The operating shop cannot one -sidedly think that he is the boss anyway, and do not consider the others. Standing on the customer's standpoint, meeting different levels of consumer needs at different levels, the store will become bigger and bigger. If the operator does not pursue growth, does not have vision, and does not impact on higher targets, you will not be able to realize that you will be a person. The boss's joy and fullness.
    cost. The biggest purpose of doing business is to make money. If you just want to mix a day, it doesn't matter if you hold your growth all day. Then, the employees in your shop will be affected by a subtle influence. Essence
    It -on -store operations, you can't think about yourself. If you think about yourself, you will damage the interests of customers. Such a businessman, do you say you can do business for a long time?
    4. Grasp the timing
    Opening the store. You must be good at choosing the right time, investigate the items that customers book and purchase, and the purchase time to highlight the targetedness of purchase. You must learn to seize many business opportunities and let wealth slip away. studio. Many times, whether the success of business can have a lot of relationships in time to grasp the potential opportunities in time.
    The retail stores as an example. When some customers come to buy cigarette products, you can ask about the usual consumption grade, which brand is interested in, the reasons for dislike. Another example is electrical repair, usually after the matter is done.
    Igly to see if there is something wrong with other electrical appliances at the customer's house, by the way, make simple services, so as to cultivate customers' trust in you and stabilize more returning customers.
    5. Vote what it is good
    The actual purchase needs of customers is one of the secrets of opening the store to win customers. To open a store, the most important thing is to see yourself as the role of purchasing goods for customers, and at the same time listening to the voice of customers, and brainstorming, so as to fully understand the true needs of customers.
    The biggest feature of opening a store is to pay attention to the actual needs of customers. Whether the business of the store is prosperous depends on the purchasing power of the customer. , Is the key to the development of the store.
    In short, it is not as complicated to open the store. In the final analysis, it is a process of intention. When you really understand "customer first" or "customers are always right", your. Become a thing in your life.
    Streasing store opening what to master. 3 Novice opening stores. Pay attention to opening the store and it is easy to adhere to difficulties, brand strength, selection location, and employee salary.
    1. It is easy to adhere to difficulty in opening a store.
    The entrepreneurs who want to open a store will choose to open the store in accordance with their actual situation. However, after a period of operation, it is found that the business is not so easy to do. Give a lot of thoughts and time, and you will retreat when you encounter some difficulties and setbacks, so novices need to stick to their original intentions and adhere to their original choices.
    2. The strength of the brand
    The strength is not just including product taste, brand culture and marketing methods. Is the supply of raw materials in time and effective? Is brand marketing diversified and innovative? Some entrepreneurs only want to make money quickly. Looking at the current hot brands, regardless of the publicity strength of the overall brand culture, they must choose and plan the market and brand.
    3. Selecting location
    The site selection has always been where many entrepreneurs need to pay attention to. The location of the store's location will directly affect the store business. The customer group is students and office workers.
    4. Employee salary
    For the salary of the staff, the owner can adopt a basic salary and commission to give employees to pay for it. In addition, during the holidays, the store will be particularly busy when the store business is good. Employees work overtime until evening in the evening It is also common, so the owner of the store should take the initiative to explain the problem of overtime pay for employees.

    1. Collecting customer feedback
    In after all, the customer service classmates who contact the buyer are higher than the operation, so the planning and execution of many activities Listen to the opinions of customer service. In addition, customer service also masters first -hand information such as changes in baby sales, customer preferences, and problems of problems, so regular communication feedback every day is still very important.
    2. Tracking platform operation rhythm
    If it is an old driver, it will definitely be deeply touched by Taobao's sense of change in recent years. Of course, every change means an opportunity. If you successfully seize the opportunity, the store may take off in a year or two, and the shops that can't hold it often regret. The far PC traffic does not talk about moving to the hand.
    Theat in the past 2 years The store live broadcast is a very good opportunity. Fortunately, the platform Xiaofei will preach the trend changes on various occasions, so everyday must be kept on the forums of Qianniu push, nailing groups, Wangwangqun, and on -site.

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