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  1. The main danger of working in a chemical plant should avoid explosion and hurt the eyes. The chemical industry is always such a special group. They wander around. Wherever there is a chemical factory, their figures are required.
    Is to avoid explosion:
    1. If the chemical factory wants to avoid explosion events, in the production process, we must monitor the composition content of the chemicals of the air. This is very important because once a certain occurs occur, If the ingredients are too high, if it is flammable and explosive substance, it is likely to cause explosion. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the content of the air component. It is best to configure the air content alarm system in important places.
    2. It is also necessary to strictly prohibit the generation of bright fires. If there are smokers, it must not allow them to enter the factory, because Minghuo can easily lead to explosion. We need to pay attention to this.
    3. To avoid the occurrence of explosions, you need to monitor the status quo of the existing working environment in real time. This is also very important. Be sure to see if the personnel operate correctly and whether there are violations. Once there is a problem with the operation, it is also terrifying.
    4. If the chemical factory wants to avoid explosion, we also need to confirm the status of the device regularly. This is also very important. If there is a problem with the equipment, it needs to be repaired or stopped directly because the device is because the equipment is because the equipment is because the equipment is device because the equipment is device because the equipment is device because the equipment is device because the equipment is device because the equipment is device because the device is device. The use time is limited. It is normal for a long time to go, so you need to check whether there are problems.

    protects yourself:
    1. Wear the glasses and protect your eyes.
    2. Wear the dust mask to prevent dust from inhaling into the body.
    3, bring a good anti -virus mask to prevent poisoning.
    4, some segments bring labor insurance gloves to avoid hurting their hands.
    5, wear labor protection shoes to prevent static electricity and puncture.
    6. Chemical plants should be attentive and eye -catching to avoid accidental damage.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer to the answer is much more harmful. The chemical itself is toxic and radiation, and it will only cause serious harm to the trace. In such an environment, you will also feel the irritating taste of it. If you inhale such gas for a long time, your body will also affect the body, let alone other! In other words, Mrs. Juri was not because of the study of radium elements, but she was radiated for a long time. Did she leave the world early? Anyway, employment should be cautious. If you love your body better, then you better not choose the chemical industry, do not work in a chemical plant, of course, we can't scrap food because of sorrow. There are still people who are engaged in this study. There are also some measures to compare some measures to compare Okay, for example, put some radiation -proof green plants in the office, enter the workshop to take some anti -virus measures, and so on.

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