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  1. There are the following in the public relations industry:
    1. Network Public Relations
    Public relations with the popularity of the Internet and the public's use of the Internet. Great influence. The Internet has become the first source of influence and evaluation of consumers on a certain brand or product, and the information on the Internet has spread rapidly. In a short period of time, it can produce huge influence. The Internet has become increasingly the main position of corporate daily public relations activities. Expand publicity and establish corporate brands. The cost of network publicity is relatively low, and the targeted efficiency is high and high, and the role of network propaganda is increasingly expanded. It also has an important role in promoting the formation of corporate reputation. As the product of the development of the Internet, most of the online public relations companies have also emerged in recent years, but it has to be said that because the market expansion is too fast, the online public relations company, especially the domestic online public relations industry, has some unevenness and mixed fish and dragons.
    2, news public relations
    The news public relations, also known as news marketing, is the purpose of product or corporate propaganda in the form of news reports. The same is to convey product information to consumers. The publicity and boast of advertising may make people annoying, and the way of news public relations appears objective and fair. Let the king automatically enter the same time when the silence is coming. It can be said that news and public relations are a clever combination between public relations and marketing strategies. The core of news public relations is spreading. The purpose of communication lies in Zhang Yang's benign information and increase the popularity of the enterprise, and finally achieve the purpose of promoting product sales or shaping the brand brand. The excellent news public relations have three levels of applications: innovative thinking, brand communication and event marketing. News public relations applications at different levels will have different effects.
    3. Service public relations
    For example, to provide customers with market research, reports, and development suggestions, provide services, provide customers with media docking, publicity, etc. Service, activity execution!

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