4 thoughts on “What are the main reasons for Huawei mobile phone share to occupy the first one in the world?”

  1. The latest data shows that Huawei's mobile phone share occupies the first in the world. I think its main reason is that the brand influence is because Huawei represents the top level of Chinese mobile phone brands and is extremely influential. It gives people a strong patriotism and enhance national cohesion. The influence of a mobile phone brand is very important. It allows consumers to be more willing to buy the brand's mobile phone and quickly improve their position in consumers.
    In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, China's international status has improved significantly. However, it is not as good as the development of the mobile phone industry. On the one hand, the high-profile mobile phone brand with a large number of foreign mobile phone brands has occupied the Chinese mobile phone industry for many years. On the other hand, the core technology of the mobile phone industry-chip has been in the hands of foreign companies. The gap between domestic and foreign technology is very large. Moreover, the United States has always put pressure on the Chinese mobile phone industry, but Huawei has not retreated. Even if the conditions are difficult and environmental difficulties, Huawei still has the pressure to create a chip that belongs to China. Although this chip has a certain gap with the top level of foreign countries, it is already a very big progress. This incident has added a lot of influence to Huawei mobile phone brands, so that Chinese people know that Huawei is the Chinese industry.
    This is the largest mobile phone consumer in the world and has a huge consumer group. Because of the influence of Huawei itself, it is why Huawei has a high share of mobile phones. In addition, Huawei mobile phones are suitable for most consumer groups, with the goal of suitable for more consumers, to meet consumer needs, and also prompted consumers to choose Huawei.
    The Huawei mobile phone share accounts for the world's first result. It reflects the increasing position of China's mobile phone industry in the international market, which is also a concrete manifestation of China's international influence. We also hope that there will be more companies that can represent the image of China can develop. The improvement of international influence will also bring national pride to Chinese people, let more people understand China, so as to understand more excellent China Enterprises form a virtuous circle.

  2. Cost -effective. Huawei has a strong function and affordable price, and the quality of the product is excellent, which is the main reason why Huawei mobile phones are the world's first.

  3. The main reason is that the new crown epidemic is popular in the world, and retail stores in many countries have been forced to close or restricted operations in the short term.

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