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  1. Finance and Banking are financial English.
    1, finance.
    Pronunciation: Ying [ˈFaɪnæns]; Mei [fəˈnæns, FAɪ-, ˈFaɪˌnæns].
    words: n. and vt. When doing noun, it is finance, and the verifier is ... supply funds, engaged in financial activities;
    deformation: past formula: Financed; past segmentation: Financed; now segmentation: Finance; third person calls: Finances.
    example sentences: The Finance Minister Will Continue to Polands Economic Reform.
    Translation: The Minister of Finance will continue to plan Polish economic reform.
    2, banking.
    pronunciation: Ying [ˈbæŋkɪŋ]; beauty [ˈbæŋkɪŋ].
    words: n. and v. When doing noun, it is finance, and it is intended to accumulate when doing a verb (the current segmentation of the bank); build (embankment); save (money) into the bank;
    example sentences: His began to unravel becape of a banking scandal.
    Translation: His government began to disintegrate due to a financial scandal.
    Extended data
    Coltic English phrases of finance: Financial Ratios, Financial, Financial Reform.
    1, Financial Ratios.
    Interpretation: Financial ratio.
    The interpretation of Chinese: Financial ratio is the ratio between two data on the financial statements, which involve all aspects of corporate management.
    example sentences: Ratio Analysis is the process of and finios.
    translation: ratio analysis refers to the process of decision and evaluation of financial ratio.
    2, Financial.
    Version: [Faɪˈnʃ (ə) l ˈstrindʒənsi].
    The interpretation: Finance is dull.
    example sentences: in times of fin is clear that public has to be closly.
    translation: fiscal tightening period, no doubt must be reviewed by public expenditure.
    3, Financial Reform.
    Interpretation: Financial reform.
    Background: In 2013, with the completion of the new leader, the rhythm of the policy involving financial reform was significantly accelerated. The relevant conferences were deployed in Taizhou City in Zhejiang Province and Jilin Province to carry out pilot and innovation pilots in many places. In order to enhance the ability of financial services.
    example sentences: Will we find the Will to pursue serious finish reform?
    translation: Can we make up determination to engage in financial reform?

  2. 1.
    [British] [FAɪnæns] [beauty] [fəˈnæns,
    ; Fund
    vt. For ... supply funds,
    I engages in financial activities; R n Interpretation:
    n. Bank business; business of bankers; built embankments
    v. Packing (
    bank's current segmentation); built (embankment); deposit (money) into banks; ((((money) to bank; When turning), fing the flight
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