cheap wholesale 14k gold jewelry In the news, what is the relationship between actress Zhao Wei and the richest man Ma Yun

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  1. wholesale trendy jewelry In 1998, Zhao Wei became popular overnight with "Returning Pearls". When she was filming, she was still a student. After "Returning Pearls", Zhao Wei's pay also began to jump in three levels. In 2014, Zhao Wei starred in "Tiger Dad and Tiger Mom" ​​and reached 15 million yuan, ranking first among domestic actresses.

    Ma Yun, founded Alibaba in 1999. For more than ten years, Ali has become the world's largest e -commerce platform and Internet giants. As Ma Yun said: dreaming is available, in case of realization?

    The familiarity between Zhao Wei and Ma Yun is actually relying on his husband Huang Youlong. Huang Youlong has a wide range of connections. The most famous figure he made is Ma Yun, the richest man in China. When Ma Yun asked Gates to eat, Huang Youlong had accompanied, so the relationship was by no means average.

    The 50%stake in the capital of the Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club after investing in 1.0 billion in Ali Group. Zhao Wei's husband Huang Youlong appeared at the press conference. There are his figures on how many occasions. Zhao Wei has this husband.

    Actually, people really talk about the two of them, which is a photo of the Internet out of 2013. Zhao Wei and Ma Yun appeared together in the home of Qigong Master Wang Lin. It's incredible!

    In France, Ma Yun purchased a winery named "Chateau de
    sours). , "Little Swallow" Zhao Wei's Menglong Winery is also located here. It is said that Ma Yun's investment is influenced by Zhao Wei. It can be seen that the two are very close to each other.

    The on the evening, those who can dance together in the evening make people feel that the relationship is already very intimate. It's not a couple like a couple. But the two did not have a bad scandal, otherwise it would be an explosion news. Therefore, some incidents circulating on the Internet should be owned by Ziyu, at least Xiaobian thinks so.

    The big tree of Ma Yun, the wealth of the Zhao Wei and his wife also increased rapidly. In December 14th, they bought 9.18%of Ali Films with a total of HK $ 1.6 per share and a total amount of nearly 3.1 billion Hong Kong dollars. Then it rose to HK $ 3.91 per share. In just one day, the book made about HK $ 2.26 billion!

    Integrate, they are friends with very good personal relationships and partners in their careers. Zhao Wei is an investor in Ali, and Ma Yun will also use Zhao Wei's influence to do something. For example, Zhao Wei has played a great role in the social software of Ali! It can be considered a strong union!

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