dallas wholesale jewelry harry hines What is the sixth set of RMB

dallas wholesale jewelry harry hines What is the sixth set of RMB

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  1. czf fantasy wholesale jewelry The relevant person in charge of the central bank clearly stated that the news was pure rumors, and the central bank has not planned to issue sixth set of RMB recently.
    The newly fake new version of 500 yuan on the Internet that has been released recently with beige as the main color. The top of the front is simplified "People's Bank of China", but the font is obviously the Founder Weibian in the computer font library. Simplified, not Han Li written by Ma Wenwei, which is used on the surface of the RMB ticket. On the right is Deng Xiaoping's avatar, and under the avatar, there is a sign of "Deng Xiaoping 1904-1997", and the back is a landscape painting. Relevant experts explained that netizens who released this fake new version of RMB may only be out of fun, but violated relevant laws. It is understood that in Article 27, paragraph 2 of the "Regulations on the Management of the People's Republic of China", it clearly stipulates that the production, imitation, and buying and selling RMB patterns are prohibited; and in accordance with the regulations, the above behavior will be by the administrative authority of industrial and commercial administration and other relevant administrative law enforcement. The agency warned, confiscated illegal income and illegal property, and imposed a fine of more than 1 to three times the illegal income, and if there was no illegal income, it would also impose a fine of 1,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan. The People's Bank of China has never issued a new version of RMB 500, nor does it have a plan to issue a new version of RMB 500. The news about the People's Bank of China on the Internet website will issue a new version of 500 yuan. It is pure rumors. I hope that the general public will be vigilant and not be deceived. At the same time, I also hope that the media and Internet websites will not provide communication channels for this false harmful information.
    The behavior of false news about the manufacturing and dissemination of the renminbi belongs to the damage to the RMB, it will affect the normal circulation of the RMB, endanger financial order, and the nature is very bad. The People's Bank of China will severely crack down on such behaviors in accordance with the "People's Bank of China Law" and "RMB Management Regulations of the People's Republic of China" in accordance with the "Regulations on the Management of the People's Republic of China". The central bank revealed that the central bank did not issue large -scale RMB plans in the short term. Relevant experts explained that my country's current currency building structure is reasonable and adapted to my country's economic environment. The issuance of large -scale banknotes will cause unnecessary guessing whether there is inflation, and should be treated with caution. The reporter learned that there were also representatives of people's congresses proposed to issue large -scale banknotes before seven or eight years ago, but at that time the central bank considered that they were not adopted in various aspects. It is understood that even from an international perspective, there are not many countries that issue large -scale banknotes. They are mainly concentrated in South America and other places. Japan and South Korea's banknotes are large due to their low currency value. of. And due to security considerations, electronic currencies have a trend of "food eating" than banknotes. In summary, the sixth set of RMB cannot be issued in the short term.

  2. jewelry wholesaler in us The 500 yuan will be listed next year, the 500 yuan will be launched next year

    News 100 yuan
    New new RMB 50 new RMB 10 yuan

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