dreamland jewelry wholesale What is the difference between buying more orders and short orders in the spot

dreamland jewelry wholesale

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  1. wholesale jewelry supplies las vegas The spot is a variety of electronic disk financial investment that can be traded in two -way transactions.

    buy a lot of orders, just watch the bullish: buy first and then sell;
    profitability calculation method: (liquidation selling price-construction position purchase price-handling fee)*trading position
    Buying empty orders is to see the decline: first sell
    profit calculation method: (built positions and sells-the price of the liquidation-buy price-handling fee)*trading position

    3,000 yuan per kilogram, Zhang bought 10kg multiple orders, Li bought 10kg empty orders. When the price fluctuates to 3100 yuan per kilogram, Zhang Mo profits 1,000 yuan, Li Mo loses 1,000 yuan (this case has no considering handling fee for considering fees factor)

  2. wholesale online jewelry stores In the spot, buying multiple orders and buying short orders means to do more and short.
    The two -way transaction of spot crude oil. It is expected to rise and do more; it is expected to fall, short, and make money in both ways! Two -way refers to the two directions of doing more emptiness. When it is expected to rise, buy at a low price and sell a liquidation at high prices; when it is expected to fall, sell at high prices and buy a liquidation at low prices.
    Whether it is a bull market or a bear market, there is a chance to make a profit for investors. Reminder: The advantage of two -way transactions is that the transaction mechanism is flexible, and the direction is judged to be reversed. It can immediately close the position to correct the direction and obtain income while avoiding losses.

  3. macrame jewelry wholesale The difference is that you can buy up, buy and fall. If you look up, you can buy money and make money.

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