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  1. The monster shop can be encountered in the Skull Pond in the Akalei area, but it needs to appear after 9 pm.
    The first appear in the northwest of Hartno Village for the first time, and then it will be random to other villages and use currency as magic currency.
    The legend of Zelda (Japanese: ゼ ゼ ゼ の の 伝 伝 伝; English: The Legend of Zelda; Hong Kong and Taiwan Translation: Salda Legend) is a well -known game series launched by Nintendo. In 1986, he launched the first work "Fantasy of Hiralu: The Legend of Zelda" on the Famicom platform under Nintendo, and then developed into a series of works.
    The legend of the Cerida series is one of the most comprehensive evaluation of the game series, and it is tied as the company's signature works with Nintendo's Mario series and the Elf Pokémon series. Among them, the "Selda Legend: Time Flute" launched in 1998 ranked first in the global media in the website with a 99 -point score of 99 points.
    This can be regarded as an enhanced version of the four GBA swords, but unexpectedly, the world of the four swords of the GBA (after a narrow cap) is far from time, but is located in the dusk princess. After that, it was actually a brand new work.
    The story tells the ancient husband who was sealed in ancient times, and the new Link also imitated the ancient Link and pulled out the four swords to four to take risks. It was the new Gaiben). It was also resurrected because of the power of the ancient doctor. In the end, Link defeated the ancient husband and sealed Gai Nong who possess the magic of the ancient husband. The peace came again.

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