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  1. —— "Uncle, is the Ma Dongmei family 322 upstairs?"
    - "What is Ma Dong?"
    - "Ma Dongmei."
    - "What Dongmei? "
    -" Ma Dongmei. "
    -" What is the horse? "
    -" OK, uncle, you are cool first. "
    -" Okay 嘞 嘞 嘞 嘞! "
    The hilarious dialogue above must be familiar with everyone ~ Last year, the movie" Charlotte's Troubles "harvested 1.4 billion box office with the humorous lines, clever plots and actors' superb acting skills. The popularity continues to surge
    Zhang Chen, the founder and artistic director of Beijing Happy Twist Entertainment Culture Media Co., Ltd., executive director of the Chinese Musical Drama Association, and vice chairman of the Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Alliance.
    In 2003, Zhang Chen and Yu Kai and others jointly established Beijing Free Element Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. (now renamed Beijing Happy Twist Entertainment Culture Media Co., Ltd.). You are the first concept of the "New Year's Stage Drama" in the country, and at the same time, the wisdom, fashion and happy brand characteristics of the "Happy Twist" series of stage dramas have been established.
    I. As the founder and artistic director of the company, Zhang Chen and his "Twist" team have always insisted on the urban commercial comedy route close to ordinary audiences, and led the happy Twist team to adhere to the original comedy works as the core and in the field of stage dramas in China. Create a number of "first":
    The concept of the "New Year's Stage Drama", leading the Chinese business drama market from scratch, from small to large; stage drama performances are leading in the country, creating 25 stage play in 13 years, big The theater performed more than 1,000 annual performances, and there were millions of directly audiences; only the only 4 consecutive years and 1-2 original works on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala stage for 4 consecutive years.
    The performing arts brand as a "phenomenal level", happy twist has changed the cultural consumption habits of many young people, returned to the theater, and repeatedly created the miracle of the Chinese stage drama market.
    In 2015, the film adapted from the happy twist drama "Charlotte's Trouble" was released across the country. So far, the box office has exceeded 1.4 billion yuan, becoming the box office of the Chinese film box office in Chinese film history.
    At present, Happy Twist has initially formed a comprehensive comedy industry system with original content as the core, integrating dramas, musicals, children's dramas, film and television dramas, online dramas, large -scale events, artist brokerage, theater management equal to one, and A wide range of exchanges and cooperation with performing arts entertainment institutions and individuals in the United States, Britain, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions.
    In 2013, Happy Twist won the favor and investment of the Chinese Cultural Industry Investment Fund; in 2015, the company was successfully listed on the New Third Board.
    Today, I will explode ~ Maybe you don't know. The founder of Happy Twist Zhang Chen is the 1997 MBA alumni of our school and obtained a doctorate in management at Nankai University. On June 29, Zhang Chen appeared in the micro lecture hall of Nankai Yunneng Entrepreneurship Business School, and the founder of the Hongtai AA accelerator, the joint secretary -general of Nankai Yunneng Entrepreneurship Business School, and the alumni of the Chinese department of Nankai University, described himself from interest to entrepreneurship to entrepreneurship. The journey of the heart.
    The founder of Hongtai Fund, Sheng Xitai, Chairman of Nankai Yunneng Business School
    The founder of Hongtai Fund, President of Nankai Beijing Alumni Association, Nankai Yunneng Business School Chairman, Nankai University Alumni Sheng Xitai attended After this event and delivered a speech, I introduced the original intention of Nankai Yunneng Entrepreneurship Business School and their understanding of entrepreneurship, and pointed out that I hope that Nankai people will speak in this era. After the year, when you review this history, we are all personal experience. If you participate, it is also one of the notes. "
    , then, from interest to entrepreneurial, what did Zhang Chen experience in this issue of this issue, what did Zhang Chen go through this issue? Woolen cloth? Let me take a look with me ~
    (the following contents, sorting out the interview of the micro -lecture hall)
    About Zhang Chen, about Nankai
    Wu Lingwei
    What is your biggest impression of Nankai Intersection
    Zhang Chen
    is too kind to the south, so good to me.
    I was born in Beijing and went to MBA in 1997 to go south. Frankly speaking, I am not a person who can do research at all, and the doctor is more pointing to research. The article I wrote during my blog was quite funny to read it now. At that time, I wrote a prediction of the Chinese film market. The conclusion I predicted at the time was particularly simple: high -cost investment blockbusters were getting more and more and more and more. Now the low -cost small film presented by the Internet, especially the market replacement of cultural films. In fact, this market is also verifying this thing. I just discussed the things that were interested, but I really dared not be a doctor. So my impression of Nankai was that Nankai was too kind, and it was great to me. But I am particularly willing to admit that I am the MBA of Nankai. I still read the MBA. I think it ’s good for what I went to start a business later.
    The alumni of Nankai University, Zhang Chen, founder of Happy Twist
    I I am less restrained. It has something to do with personality. I have a more alternative personality. At that time, after graduation, I was assigned a good state -owned enterprise. At that time, we were admitted to college. Even if I was a good thing, I could ensure that there was a good job after entering college. These were all at that time. But then I refused, and I went out to work myself. I mainly felt uncomfortable. I went to the Personnel Office to report on the first day I felt uncomfortable. Later, I said, "Don't I come? At that time, the director of the Personnel was stunned, "What are you coming?" I said, you can do it. He returned me back to school, nothing. So even a strange person in society. Therefore, it is okay to call entrepreneurship. It is also okay to walk around.
    I talked about this topic is very targeted. I have a point of view that you need a certain social experience before you really start a business. Of course, this is based on my personal concept, because some entrepreneurs are different. If you are a technical genius, it is best to have social experience. The entrepreneurial entrepreneurship is based on a company and a social behavior. Therefore, it is best to have a social experience, and at the same time, it is better to have a little money in your pocket. If entrepreneurs are panicked, it may lead to imbalances in project selection and so -called continuous adherence to these mentality.
    The first see · Happy Twist
    Wu Lingwei
    How to the name of "Happy Twist"?
    Zhang Chen
    This is delicious ~ I wanted to register the trademark at that time, which was a passive brand name. However, it is easy to feed, and the call is smooth.
    In 2003, my two friends found me. One of them was from the Chinese Department of Peking University. It was originally published and excellent; the other was a Chinese opera, a director. They found me and said we can get a film and television company. I am so far. At that time, I was not interested in the TV series at that time. "The old lady's feet are stinky and long." It belongs to this feeling, but I am no stranger to the direction of literature and art -from middle school At the beginning, I was the director of the drama club, and the university organized bands. This is my work. I said, what makes me do this? "Let you pay." I said, "Also." At that time, I didn't really want to turn to this industry. I paid for the director and the buddy. The director was responsible for the director. The buddy of our Peking University was the general manager of our company. I was very lucky at the time. My partner was particularly good. They flickered me. I first paid for.
    The film and television company we founded in 2003. At that time, we bought a film and television adaptation right of a novel "Diamond King Lao Wu", and then adapted it. The TV series was called "Difficult Love". As a result, the SARS came out in 2003. We were originally going to start in summer. We couldn't go out in summer. SARS was in October in the past. The director said that the matter could not be deserted. What we had to do. He said that we did a stage drama first. Because he was born in a Chinese opera, he was more confident in the stage show and had time to time, so we panicked. In the first year, we did not have any experience in the first year. Give you "" He Yan, Xie Na, and Yu Na played, that is the stage virgin show of He Yan and Xie Na. At that time, they were all good TV hosts, but they did not play stage dramas. Later, after performing our stage play, the star journey became more frank. Every time I chatted with He Yan, he said, "I have been shining since I played the stage show of twists." They are all the hosts of the super -line. After watching our stage, they feel that they can perform well. Indeed, they are first of all actors.
    "I want to eat twist now for you" was the name of that scene. At that time, the company did not call this name. Later, we continued this business model -a stage play was launched every year when we yearn. The output can be released at the same time in four or five a year, all in the New Year's Eve, probably such a so -called business model. So we want to apply for twist things into a brand. This is the benefit of reading MBA -has brand awareness. I think this thing must be done in a series. This is my opinion and my attitude.
    In 2008, we wanted to register twist into a brand. It was that year. A very strange thing happened this year, and was complaining. I accidentally discovered that a family named Xingxin Twist (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. was registered in Haidian. I went to ask, we have all applied for trademarks, how can he register a technology company? He said that he is different from you. He can note today. It is not possible to call Beijing Twist Culture Co., Ltd. at that time. What do you have to call twist or twist? I said that the twist was delicious, and later joked a few names. People said that they were happy, and we reported that they were "happy" and registered. Therefore, this is given by the Industry and Commerce Bureau, not that I want this name at the beginning. "Happy Twist" began to be the name of a drama. We wanted to register a trademark. The Industry and Commerce Bureau did not give up, and it became a passive brand name. After registration, my classmates said, you are too earthy, which is like a company name? I said that the name is good to feed, and the call is smooth.
    Cin, enthusiasm, innovation
    Wu Lingwei
    What is the core of the success of happy twist?
    Zhang Chen
    Stherbone to do one thing and maintain continuous enthusiasm.
    It now we really only insist on doing one thing for 13 years. This thing is called comedy, not a drama. Of course, I did it all the way on the stage of the drama. We have always persisted in the drama. The company's strategy is very clear. The happy twist is doing the big theater drama performances in the performing arts industry in China. We are about a thousand people's theaters. This is the number of people we perform. We are not scored according to the drama and musical drama, but the theater is divided. Thousands of people's theater performance categories, I think we should be industry leaders. Because our national performance planning this year has reached 1700-1800 games, it is terrible to think about how many people need to perform, and it is a different city, and there are several performances almost every night. Therefore, different groups in different cities across the country are for this evening, Beijing has performed, Shanghai has performed, and maybe Fuzhou also performs. It is 1,800 completed in this way.
    The drama such a drama is four or five a year, and then more than 1,800 kinds of each year, which is completely accumulated step by step. First of all, you have to have enough repertoire. We are pure business performances, and we cannot get any government subsidies at all. They depend on everyone to buy tickets at the scene. Therefore, the pure commercial performance must have enough "good". I dare not say "good", and the repertoires that everyone can see, otherwise people will not buy tickets. In addition, there must be enough people who can play. In fact, the outside world does not know. Many film and television companies come to see us to cooperate with our so -called celebrities, but except for celebrities, we have more and more excellent drama background actors. The amount of our signing actors is considered large in domestic entertainment companies. We have signed more than 200 actors now, and this is not enough. With our current growth rate, we should sign in to four or five hundred in 3-5 years. We need we need Such people can complete such a large number of performances. Of course, there are very powerful marketing teams and channels. These are step by step. We were gradually established in 13 years, and there was no way to go in place. Therefore, the threshold of this industry is very high.
    Wu Lingwei, the founder of Hongtai AA accelerator and the joint secretary general of Nankai Yunneng Business School
    Now many film and television companies say that happy twist seems to confirm a successful business model: good drama can be converted into a movie. very good. This is not necessarily, and some dramas are not so good. Many people have done so before us. I don't guarantee that every step in the next step must be so good, but offline, many big film companies said, "We also have to set up a drama department." I was nervous when I heard it. Later, I thought about it. I am not nervous, because it is estimated that he does not do it, because it is too tired, because for a film company, it is difficult to get rid of the work of being high. The input -output ratio is very high. With so many people and such a large workload, the money that can make a play is very limited. Who wants to do this? We can't leave this path. Of course, we like it, and we also like it. This is related to entrepreneurship. You can stick to it.
    It hard to bring me continuous enthusiasm. The company makes money, can do a lot of things, and has so many partners to work, which makes people very happy, but purely open the company does not bring me continuous enthusiasm. If we want to maintain sustainability, we must be produced by new dramas every year. This is why we are favored by many investors in the capital market, because we have the ability to continue production. Everyone is called IP. At least we already have the so -called IP of nearly 30 original dramas, and it can be developed for several years in developing two years. I have a self -confidence in the company that I am an artistic director, director of entrepreneurship, and director of the production workshop. I am not the general manager. We have general manager and many colleagues do operation. I do n’t do it so well. In terms of, we are "maintaining", constantly creating and creating new projects, which is very important.
    This creation
    Wu Lingwei
    The people said that the most difficult one in all the dramas in comedy. Are you a fun person?
    Zhang Chen
    I am trying to pursue becoming a fun person.
    Plip creative style, 2008 is a very important key point. Before 2008, the style of our repertoire creation. The induction of several media is called: entertainment inventory star funny. This is a so -called inventory summary of the media. There is no problem with comedy. Funny can become a comedy. A very important gameplay during entertainment is to connect big events such as the annual culture and entertainment into the drama every year, and the celebrities join the performance. But to this day, the trend of the new repertoire is to tell stories, and then pay attention to the shape of the characters. I guess people who watch "Charlotte" ("Charlotte's Trouble", hereinafter referred to as "Charlotte"), do not necessarily watch our play, and there are more people watching "Charlotte" movies. The influence of the movie "Charlotte" is still very great. Those who have watched the "Charlotte" movie can understand our current main work direction: emphasize the story. In fact, every character is very fresh. Whether Charlotte, Dongmei or Dachun is a life -like character, the story can be taken here to finish it, and then there are a lot of ones on this basis Comedy burden. This is difficult. The three or five lines have a burden. The density of the burden is very, very large, and this is not available overnight.
    The is particularly difficult to create, and we have also been on the Spring Festival Gala several times. Zhao Benshan has been painful after more than ten years of Spring Festival Gala. It is not easy to surpass himself. But our current creation is actually decentralized, not based on one or two people, but based on different creative groups. I just said just now that we have more advantages called people, more than 200 people, and more than 200 people cannot be said to have 100 people, and dozens of people have performance and creative ability. Therefore, it is divided into different groups to create different content. We call internal micro -entrepreneurship. It sounds like this. What is the name of the internal or flat?
    Comedy is a very personalized creation. Why is it difficult? If you can't perform the comedy, you think I will write two paragraphs, which is a bit difficult to make others laugh on the stage. I may not play as soon as I play, but this does not mean that the coach who cannot swim cannot be a coach.
    Are you an IP?
    Wu Lingwei
    I happily twist is a particularly big IP in my opinion. How do you and your team create a happy twist IP?
    Zhang Chen
    I don't think happy twist is an IP. I think we are at most one brand and a brand in an industry.
    In the content industry, those who have been verified for a long time have generated great value creative content, and I think it can be called IP. What we do now, including nearly 30 originals, is called up to up to the front -end products of entrepreneurship. It has not yet become an IP. It has not been continuously verified and generated so much value. Take "Charlotte", it is also a front -end product that is still successful now: First of all, it is used as a drama by the theater. A drama is verified that it is not bad. Some people like it. Then they have become a movie. It is liked by more people, and it needs to verify a lot. For example, if he becomes a super web drama, it is okay, because the audience will have different needs; if there are many derivatives, it is good for the characters or around the plot. I do n’t know how to do it; including the current VR coming out, many people who do stage are going to do VR dramas. We have also thought about this new channel. Do you want to keep up and try? These have to be verified. To put it plainly, it is like the so -called four seas. It can generate the value of amplification everywhere. It is not too late to call IP at that time. This is my shallow understanding. Now I really dare not call IPs. At most, it is called a brand.
    Week Xingchi is close to IP, I personally like him very much. Zhou Xingchong is undoubtedly a comedy genius. After I am really honored to find us, he took the initiative to find us. He agreed with Charlotte. I did not expect that he liked Charlotte very much. Because he thinks it is a comedy style that is different from him, he can't do it, different from him.
    Is about grounding, and we have a high consensus on letting the most ordinary people enter the theater and into the cinema. We don't care about being scolded by others. Basically, the happy twist was scolded by experts in the drama industry from the founding. From the creative comedy concept, Zhou Xingchi and I belong to a faction, which is a vulgar faction. We pursue the popularity of the public and do not pursue the so -called temple high. What I care about is how many people affect.
    It, we talk about one theater and the other is a movie. Let me give me two examples, perform, I think "Lion King" is, the movie "Star Wars" is. I think it is called IP, and there are several characteristics: first, it is continuously verified, and it is verified by different channels. "Lion King" is first of all an animated movie, and then I can't count it at all in the world. At least the Japanese version has performed tens of thousands of games. It has spent 100,000 games in the world a long time ago. There is a Chinese version now. I estimate that there will be no suspense in the Chinese version for another ten years, or even twenty years.
    At the same time, the different channels it arrived, especially the channels for derivatives generated by it have proven to have high commercial value. I personally do n’t do academic research. I ca n’t say how much business value is generated by this IP. At least for example of “Lion King”, the box office of a drama is about 7 billion US dollars from 20 years ago. Speaking of order of order. "Star Wars" is also numerous derivative, and 7 "Star Wars" movies have now more than 6 billion US dollars. It is very interesting, the total box office of 7 movies has more than 6 billion US dollars. A "Lion King" stage drama insists on more than 7 billion US dollars today. Of course, "Star Wars" movies are also considered IP. "Lion King", these indicators are measured in China, it seems that domestic in China has not been reached. I think almost the channels can be verified, which may be a powerful IP.
    I just said that we are pursuing vulgar, and the translation of vulgar creation is the salty and old and old. In addition, we often say that the so -called universal values ​​are often said. Although the drama of happy twist is a comedy, you will find that we will find that our values ​​will be seen. Real. I am surprised myself. I am such a person who hangs up every day. I ’m so positive. I basically tell the story of truth, goodness and beauty, all of which are justice to defeat evil. Charlotte hugs Ma Dongmei. Essence Therefore, I think we are quite positive.
    Those years, the pits we fell
    Wu Lingwei
    From 2003 to today, how many of the most difficult moments have you experienced? How many pits have you fallen? How did you crawl out again?
    Zhang Chen
    In view of that I am so positive, I am such an optimistic person, so I didn't think it.首
    The first thing I was so optimistic in view of my positive and so optimistic person, so I didn't think there, really. What kind of pits are said? Take our first play "Want to Eat Twist and Twist You", that the scene is disruptive in the theater world, and it is also a dark horse product that was born in the air, breaking the expression of traditional dramas in the past. Therefore, the audience is very hi, but we have no marketing and propaganda experience at all, and we are stupid and boldly rented the Thousands of Talent Theater in Chinese opera. We first performed the Thousands of Talent Theater. Now our main business model is also the performance of the Thousands of Talent Theater, and we have no concept. If you are a conceptual person, if I am engaged in related industries or understand this industry a little bit, I really should not rent the theater so much. I should rent a larger or smaller to hatch first. Now we will be synthesized by all new dramas before the production of our new repertoires, and even go to some universities for trial performances, and then move to a real business stage. When we first played, Hu Qian was completely ignorant, so we died miserable. And we must have the schedule of 30 theaters. If you do n’t perform, you do n’t work. You do n’t play a compensation. If you do n’t perform, you have to pay for the theater. Why crawl out? I'm optimistic!
    How to crawl out? two. I am quite optimistic. I think if it is really a good thing, the so -called good thing is what everyone likes, and now there are more and more opportunities for the first time. Because now it is much better than the situation of the year. You still have to promote good things at that time. Whoever occupies the media will occupy the opportunity, maybe not so good but it is considered so good. Today I feel that the opportunity to be a person who is committed to excellent products is really good! This is recommended for everyone to start a business. If you do the same industry as us, whether it is drama or film and television, it doesn't matter if you do a mobile video. In short, good things must be in the early age, and the cycle in the early appearance is greatly shortened, and the power of word of mouth becomes particularly strong. At that time, we rely on word -of -mouth to win the turning over, just like our movies. "Charlotte" we have no star lineup at all, no star directors, no big investment, big battle, and no big coffee for us to come out of the platform, it is completely reputation, but the three days will be turned over. We can't compare with the collision films. Our films are fourth or fifth, and the word of mouth of three or four days is over. The first drama of Tomani used the reputation for three or four months, and it was also because of the quality, which was the quality of that scene. After 30 games, there was a chance to come back. Therefore, one is psychological quality, and the other is optimistic. I believe my eyes, I think this thing is good, I believe most people will feel the same as me. Whether we Twist 1, including "Charlotte", is so good in my standard? No. "Lion King" is good, it is so good at a standard. But it may be okay for the audience to let it go, then we can produce, and then have the opportunity to come back. This is a confidence, a self -judgment confidence, and the optimism just mentioned.
    is very important. At that time, we spent hundreds of thousands when we were established. The first scene lost thirty games and lost it out, but I think it can bear it, and the mentality is better. So, I insist that this thing should be made to make it. Perhaps in these 30 games, maybe in these 50 games, you do n’t know. There are many cases in the end, but I ’m stopped in the middle. This is also a large number. Once you stop, you can’t judge it when you give up. Is it really bad or you can't persist, this is particularly no standard. Therefore, you can only rely on your own confidence and your affordability. This is still very important. You have to have confidence in yourself. Of course, this must have objective confidence and cannot be taken for yourself.

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