2 thoughts on “What is VDS?”

  1. VDS independent proxy system, also known as the virtual deedicated server (VDS). In short, it is to add agents/large enterprises to directly manage its domain names, users, and sites based on the EasyWeb2.0 virtual hosting management platform. The management interface is a low -cost, high reliability, powerful function, simple use, and convenient maintenance of virtual independent server management system. VDS virtual independent server provides a revolutionary Linux host storage environment for agency service providers and large enterprises. This environment makes you like a real professional virtual hosting service provider. It has the ability to allocate disk space 24 hours a day, which is currently the most effective form of low -cost server operation.
    VDS combines the safety and autonomous mode of the independent server and the virtual host lease of the high -performance price ratio, so that companies and individuals who are developing and preparing to enter the field of professional virtual hosting providers can get other places at the lowest price and cannot get elsewhere elsewhere. All kinds of powerful management tools obtained to independently provide website establishment, leasing and management services for their customers.

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