2 thoughts on “How to introduce after the skin is made in my world?”

  1. Um, look: This, you go to Skinme to download the 1.6.2 module, and then register the account, it is best to use 163 mailboxes, do not use QQ, then log in, create a new character in "role management", call you in the game of the game The name, then add the skin in "My Wardrobe" (don't want to crooked). You can enter: notch, Herobrine and the like, and he will appear a lot of characters, and then save it in your wardrobe. Here, he saved it, and then you open the game and enter the name of the new character above you (binding the webpage). Enter the game and see your skin. (If you do n’t understand, you can make a private message or ask ~) Forget it, and you call it directly: Notch, Herobrine, Donny, Killer47 and Killer67, China, English ... and so on. Seeing me so hard, take me! I beg you! (This is what I played, please accept) If you want to get your own skin, it will be OK to upload. It is not expensive to have SB (not stupid*, it is the currency inside, referred to as SB, it seems to be called Skinme currency) (adopt it !I beg you)

  2. Minecraft: How to introduce Netease's world skin into the international version?

    n00:00 / 04: 0470% shortcut keys to explain space: Play / suspend ESC: exit full screen ↑: increase volume 10% ↓: reduced volume decrease by 10% →: single fast forward 5 seconds ←: single fast retreat 5 seconds Press hold down and hold it up. Here you can drag no longer appear in the player settings to reopen the small window shortcut key description

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