QQ computer housekeeper was swept out of 4 Trojan horses: Heur/Malware.qvm06.gen and so on!

When the two software is together, the password of QQ will be prompted as errors ...
What should I do

5 thoughts on “QQ computer housekeeper was swept out of 4 Trojan horses: Heur/Malware.qvm06.gen and so on!”

  1. Uh ... correct a mistake in the next floor, QVM is an artificial intelligence check engine developed by 360 ...
    ... Looking at it, 2 QVM detected, 3 are Trojan ...
    Original poster, you should know: QQ and 360 are still in a dark battle (this is an example ... Just as many users install 360, and then install Kingsoft Poison, 360 will not need to be used ...) Of course, I can’t rule out the housekeeper The possibility of being infected, after all, the housekeeper's self -protection is weaker than 360! It is recommended to remove the housekeeper. If you want to upgrade the QQ faster, you can get the upgrade acceleration for 30 minutes a day ...
    hmm ... host, you will not log in to QQ first, then open QQ Computer housekeeper? Intersection Intersection
    Well, after searching online, the full name of QVM is indeed Qihoo Virtual Machine, thank you for advice!

  2. Dear Tencent computer housekeeper user hello:
    that is the previous incompatibility problem
    Tencent computer housekeeper's main function
    1. More thorough;
    2. The system cleansing capacity is 2 times, and the computer acceleration capacity is 35%;
    3.16 layers of real -time protection, comprehensive protection of computer security;
    4. Computer housekeeper performance optimized, greatly significant, great Reduce system resources occupation;
    5. Homepage safety body inspection upgrade, dynamic interface, new experience;
    6. Personalized skin changes are gorgeous upgrade, wonderful skin is freshly used;
    7. Software management revision, milestone works , New download and installation experience;
    8. Software uninstall the new "strong clearing" function to uninstall it more thoroughly;
    9. New IE homepage lock, and search results protection functions;
    10. Security reached. "The system is newly launched, and log in to get the gold coin for a gift package.
    The computer housekeeper download address guanjia.qq/download. Thank you for your support for computer housekeepers, I wish you a happy life. Thank you!

  3. It is estimated that it is wrong. QVM should be Qihoo's own virtual machine. It feels not very mature. Or maybe the housekeeper was infected

    QVM's full name should be QIHOOO VIRTUAL MACHINE.

  4. A type of computer virus, Chinese name "Marwell", has a variety of virus variants
    malware contains the following types:* Computer Viruses >>> Computer Virus* Computer Worms >>> Computer Worm* Trojan Horsesses >>> Tro Tiva* Logic Bombs >>> Logical Bomb* Spyware >>> Spy Software* Adware >>> Advertising Software* SPAM >>> Junk mail* Popups >>> pop up

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