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  1. CHC refers to the China Sanitary Equipment and Equipment Center.
    It, the China Sanitary Equipment and Equipment Center (CENTER For Hygiene-SUPPPLIES and Chemicals) for thirty years of reform and opening up, especially since 2000, my country's economic continuous, rapid and healthy development has created increasingly rich social wealth. It is suitable for people's material and cultural life to improve accordingly.
    The relevant information:
    The equipment center has a large number of large -scale, technological advanced production bases and research and development bases in the country, including the establishment of cell medium production bases, bacterial medium production bases, and external services in Beijing Laboratory, standard material production bases, purified water equipment and sewage treatment equipment R

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, CNC programming refers to the CNC processing center, that is, the ordinary processing machine now becomes the one controlled by a computer. CNC programming requires two types: manual programming and automatic programming. Manual programming refers to the importantly completed programming processes from parts of parts pattern analysis process processing, data planning, writing step orders, input steps to step check. It is practiced in the processing of parts of the point or how much the shape is not too chaotic, as well as the large planning, the steps of the steps, and the venue that is easy to achieve. However, how many chaotic parts (especially parts composed of space surface composition), and how many elements are not chaotic but need a large amount of steps, because the labor that plans values ​​during programming is quite embarrassing, the amount of labor is large, and it is easy to fall. It is also difficult to verify, and it is difficult to complete by manual programming, so active programming must be taken. The so -called active programming is a large or all planning machines that are done in step -like labor, which can effectively handle the processing title of chaotic parts, and it is also the growth trend of CNC programming in the future. At the same time, it is also necessary to see manual programming the foundation of active programming. Many core experiences in active programming have gone through manual programming, and the two complement each other.

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