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  1. It should be diamond refining. Vajrayana is a mineral crystal formed by natural geology, not "refined" from anything else.
    If according to the study of modern geology, it is known that diamonds are only existed among two types of rocks, one is Jinbieliyan, and the other is potassium magnesium porphyry.
    It to find diamonds, first of all, these two types of rock body must be found. Diamond Mine Mine at Mengyin and Liaoning Wafangdian in my country first found Kingsley Rock to determine it as a diamond mine.
    The chemical composition of diamond is carbon (C). It is a crystal of the shaft system. The common crystal is octagonal, diamond -shaped duodang body, etc. Diamonds (that is, diamonds that can be used to processes jewelry) are diamonds. Therefore, diamonds must be diamond, and diamonds are not necessarily diamonds.
    , that is, diamonds are diamonds that have reached gem -level diamonds from Jinbieliyan or potassium magnesium porphyle, which are made of cutting and being polished.

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