2 thoughts on “What should I do if I am locked by the Agricultural Bank of China?”

  1. 1. Take the account book to unlock the outlets
    . Apply for temporary ID cards and related certificates, go to the outlet to unlock
    . After applying for an ID card, unlock it, but wait for you to apply for an ID card, but when you apply for your ID, It is estimated that the lock has been lifted, but if you can't remember the password, go to the outlet to modify the password
    Is to adopt it, thank you!

  2. The password of the online banking bank is locked three times in a row. After locking, you can choose to unlock or report the electronic bank password after locking or reporting.
    Illabing method:
    1 Unlocked through the counter, mobile banking (method and normal login). After the unlocking is successful, you can continue to use the mobile banking. Set.
    2 The method of loss of loss: The password of the electronic banking of the electronic bank through the counter, online banking (personal information management menu), can be reset at the counter on the same day after the loss.

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