4 thoughts on “How does Taobao set up secret payment function?”

  1. Taobao cannot set up secret payment functions and can be set in Alipay. You can also choose the non -confidential payment function when paying directly on Taobao. In fact, when paying on Taobao with mobile phones, Alipay can directly use fingerprints or face recognition.

  2. Open [Alipay], click [Mine]-[Settings]-[Payment Settings]-[Control Payment/Automatic Deduction]-[Payment Code Free Payment], open the button next to the [Alipay Internal Payment Code], enter Password, when the button background color changes from white to blue, the density payment is available successfully.

  3. You can enter the Taobao page, click me, and then click to set the payment, and then you will find the page without payment of payment.

  4. This non -secret payment is not set up from Taobao, it is set up from Alipay, and it can only be set to set its own account.

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