3 thoughts on “What kind of martial arts do players in Tianlong Eight and Half of RMB”

  1. Internal attack selection of Eli or Xiaoyao, choose Tianshan! Since it is a semi -RMB player, all three are necessary
    choosing equipment to pay attention to blood volume is the most important! These three martial arts are required to brush the copy, so there will be no situation of no one. Emei's great freshness, the violence of Tianshan, and the efficiency amplification of Xiaoyao is a necessary condition for brushing copy. But it is not recommended to choose Emei, because it is really boring to keep pressing F1 ... and Tianshan is more flexible, and practical stealth guarantees the survivability of the wild PK. Essence And Xiaoyao tests technology and character. If the technique is sharp, no one can kill you with all three or four levels. Just walk a painting. Not to mention the terrible second person after the big release, basically all three changes!

  2. In fact, half RMB is the best of Tianshan and Xiaoyao. Both martial arts are relatively sharp. High -explosive high output. At the same time, they are more dependent. One can be invisible. One can be set up .PK brushing monster is very sought after. As long as 333 you can be quite like you can be quite like Sharp

  3. Powerful Emei, I am 69 Emei, stone 654, basically there is basically no one below 102 to kill me. I don't know if the host can go to the whole 5, the stone is high, the blood is up, Emei is a single king!

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