4 thoughts on “Friends who often shop online, please come in and ask questions.”

  1. To be honest. The shopping mall is not necessarily true. The things on the Internet are not necessarily false. So the best way is not to buy products with low safety factor.
    The purchase of two pieces of products and shaver are very satisfied. A pair of leather shoes are not too satisfied. The quality of the skin is worse than expected. My colleagues are very satisfied with the experience of buying experience than me.
    The price of those brands is significantly lower. Many of them must be fake!
    The experience.

  2. Digital products have not yet bought ...
    But just like the price said upstairs is much lower, so don't consider it ...
    It buy more with the seller before buying, and ask it clearly (some Specialized, the imitation is actually good) ...
    It what other is not satisfied, it can be complained, and it is not easy to be cheated ...

  3. E -commerce started flourishing after the development and maturity of the Internet. China's e -commerce started late but developed rapidly. In the late 1990s, the destruction of the network economy bubble in the late 1990s made e -commerce be silent. The development of modern communication network technology and marketing has given people a new understanding and confidence in it. She will break through the restrictions of traditional business in time and region, and become a convenient, fast, secure and reliable emerging electronic business activity model.

    The e -commerce allows modern business activities to have a safe, reliable, fast, clear and convenient special Internet for us to carry out e -commerce activities anytime, anywhere. Because e -commerce involves many aspects such as society, economy, finance, law, and life, there are certain difficulties and problems. On the one hand, its healthy development requires people's working lifestyle, ideological concepts, and management methods to have fundamental changes; on the other hand, state macro control and management need to legislate and standardize e -commerce; and technological security must be improved. Her development will gradually change our way of life and work. The original face -to -face negotiations, management of paper communication and business activities have gradually become a digital activity method completed by computers long -distance operation. Without time, space and human conditions, people's lives and work will become convenient, flexible and free. In particular, there will be fundamental changes in obtaining information, transmission information, various service activities, payment, and delivery methods.

    The legal organization and company and even individuals can become globalized information publishers through the establishment of their own sites on the international interoperability network; Commodity understanding, contract negotiations, and transactions in business activities are completed through international interoperability information and network software. Enterprise administration will enter the electronic office method. Checks, counters, insurance, investment, corporate banking business and family banking business in financial services will move to the Internet. The use and development of digital electronic silver coins provides convenient conditions for people to conduct cross -regional business financial activities. Humans will inevitably coexist with computers to adapt to digital survival in the era of e -commerce. Her development has also completely changed our business method today. Because there is no time and space restrictions, people can handle business at home. Small companies can also achieve global online order and complete worldwide business activities. More and more e -currency (credit card, digital cash, etc.) online payment methods are used in electronic transactions, and people are no longer limited to the carrying and use of physical cash.

    The company, stores, and banks will not distinguish between the number of personnel, the number of branches, and the scale of the scale, and in addition to the amount of turnover and information exchanges to arrange the economy. E -commerce will increase at a huge speed and bring a huge impact on the financial industry. The state of the world's economic and financial state will also be profoundly affected. The breakthrough of information exchange and digital electronic currency in space regions will promote economic development, but it also brings difficulties in economic and financial management. All countries need to formulate relevant laws and regulations to regulate the market; combined with technical security control to ensure the healthy development of this emerging business method and the market. As a result, Henglangwei purchased online malls.

    The Henglangwei Shopping Mall is a system developed with the most cutting -edge modern network marketing concept and development technology, and has fully analyzed market demand and technical needs. She is based on the VS.NET2.0 framework technology and its enterprise -level distributed framework and the MS SQL Server 2000 database, and the current popular AJAX technology not only integrates the multi -user mall interface, and the single user mall function (the background shutdown function) The Henglang V5.0 website integrates system is a dual -high network mall software with high security and high commercial value. She is a strong scalability, good user experience, friendly user guide, a strong mall system. It is suitable for both corporate e -commerce websites for B2C, as well as as B2T corporate network group purchase websites and C2C personal e -commerce websites. Simply put, it is convenient for different types of users to construct an online e -commerce platform construction system that is suitable for themselves. At the same time, it is a built -in Henglang V5.0 website integration operating system. It can easily integrate any system on the network through its integration interface, which can easily and quickly create an e -commerce portal with portal functions.

    The prestige (that is, online group purchase) created by Henglang, auction, and operating in one price trading model. The homepage of the entire system has the most intelligent and personalized demand static page. Users can drag, increase, delete, and change a control on the page. The homepage of the mall uses a static page, and the content inside uses a more mature AJAX Pototype framework for asynchronous update. For public pages background, you can manage their templates and styles. Through the public page Edition) To meet different aesthetic and functional needs.
    The user can dynamically generate and manage various topics. Each topic can have different templates and styles (categories, products). The recursive algorithm users can quickly know the product and product statistics of this category. Everyone knows that the website advertisement of the portal level is simply the source of their lives. Henglang Mall integrates a humanized dynamic advertising system. Users can add various floating. Connect .. Advertising section, and you can set the expiration time. You can dynamically add Flash, pictures, texts, JS and other types of advertisements in each part. Safety is the most important link in e -commerce operations. We are unwilling to be less than a few dollars in a few points. Our background will use different roles to meet different roles for various system management personnel to meet security needs (upgraded version). The system provides Alipay, online banking online, fast money online payment interface, line Payment, virtual currency payment payment method, users can allocate each payment method according to their own needs.

    The logistics management has played an increasingly important role in modern commercial operations. The zero inventory is Dell The important experience of success, our system adopts dynamic logistics distribution methods, users can configure each logistics method according to the actual situation. Users can use online QQ, Wangwang, on -site letter, email, mobile SMS (upgraded version), comment, complaint, complaint, complaint To communicate, communicate, ensure the mall credit. Merchants can issue a price, bid price, group purchase price product. There is a starting price during the auction, the biggest psychological price of the buyer, and the increase of the seller. The highest is the standard increase to seek the final price to ensure the interests of the buyer. The seller can set up 5 levels of purchasing team prices and original prices when purchasing. Buyers can participate in the original price purchase and group purchase price. After waiting for a certain period of time, I did not wait for the purchase of the group purchase to jump to other low -level purchases (the number of low -level purchases is small, so the price is relatively fast but the price is relatively high), and even jump to the original price. The integrity gold function is added to the prestige, and the system adopts various algorithms to ensure that the logic is correct. The so -called business is to require the buyers and sellers to participate enthusiastically. In addition to providing information on seller products, shops and other information, the system also provides suppliers, buying and other information releases (Upgraded version), then provide powerful channels for the prosperity of the mall.

    The VIP function is provided. Merchants can set various cutting parameters for ordinary buyers and VIP. Sending red envelopes, getting points, sending some cards, etc. Personal users who do not open the store can pass the ID card certification (current), SMS certification, the company's group can pass the business license certification. The store adopts a variety of rich and multi -style style templates. Configure according to your own needs. And with very intuitive evaluation, the user introduces the page, let people know that if this user is gold, it will glow!

    The center of the reasoning center provides basic and processing (data from each user). What functions are managed on the above, and what functions are managed, and basic finance, supply chain, IO function, it is expected to realize the office without paper. R r r r

    If in addition to the functions provided by the user management center (all users), the system background also has system backup, automated update data, system management, integration management, membership center management, store audit management, system parameter configuration management, template management, template management , Style management, advertising management, general currency management (virtual currency), etc..

    The system will provide superb modules. Through multi -dimensional model analysis and excavation of various data, users can be very intuitive intuitively See the business operation situation in the report, the problem, the system operation status.

    Is we will adopt enterprise development ideas, affairs, messages, asynchronous communication COM services and each of each of them. Species and other technologies.

    For performance in terms of performance, we have adopted various machines on the page -level, application -grade, SQL Server -level cache technology in the application system. Optimized technologies such as the full text search, and the storage procedures such as the page query.

    The 21st century will be the era of e -commerce, which is the inevitable development of social development. We will live in e -commerce without choice. era. How to face e -commerce methods, how to adapt to digital survival and actively participate in international competition in the era of e -commerce, Henglang will be your most ideal platform. You no longer need to worry about developers, you don't need to worry about the concept of online marketing operations. You just need to type.

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