4 thoughts on “What kind of international dark war is hidden behind Bitcoin supervision?”

  1. In August 2013, Germany announced the legal status of Bitcoin. In May 2016, Japan first approved the digital currency regulatory bill to define Bitcoin as wealth, more in the United States, Canada, etc., and recognized Bitcoin respectively.

    But we will find that in our country, Bitcoin is still forbidden. The reason for this is the following points.

    1, the particularity of Bitcoin.

    A Bitcoin is difficult to track, but it can be traded across the country and can avoid most supervision.

    If you have a computer, you can easily transfer a lot of wealth. Because of the international nature of Bitcoin, it is easy to realize other currencies.

    . These characteristics have made Bitcoin a tool for some gray industry chains such as transfer assets.

    For example, some unknown money can be transferred to other countries through Bitcoin.

    It imaginates why our country prohibits Bitcoin.

    The reason why some countries recognize Bitcoin is because Bitcoin causes wealth to these countries. These countries can often harvest the wealth of other countries, such as the United States.

    2, Bitcoin's wealth.

    is because of some characteristics on Bitcoin that the price of Bitcoin has risen rapidly, causing speculators to participate in the venue, and these people bring real gold and silver.

    Why do some countries recognize the legal status of Bitcoin? Of course, because there are benefits to earn.

    The outbreak of Bitcoin has made some countries even start taxation. Russia once prohibited Bitcoin, and finally did not withstand the temptation of lives. It also began to tax Bitcoin.

    . Therefore, for those countries with strong financially, countries that are easy to attract wealth are a weapon, and they are of course incorporated into a legal position.

    For us, Bitcoin is a damage to our country's invisible, not being regulated, transferring assets, wealth, and hindering various actions of crimes. It also has bad atmosphere, which makes people speculative.

    So Bitcoin needs to be prohibited in our country.

  2. In fact, Bitcoin does not advocate buying now, because this increase is particularly large, so it is not recommended to buy, which is actually a war between the country economy.

  3. At present, the supervision of Bitcoin is still allowed, but there is also a hidden international battle behind this, that is, Bitcoin, as a virtual currency, will be completely transformed into a digital currency by which countries in the later period.

  4. For the time being, it is forbidden, because only the prohibition can better control this virtual anonymous currency, so as to avoid most of the criminals watching this market, and then go to such transactions. Essence

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