2 thoughts on “100 Federal Reserve Volume How much can I change the RMB”

  1. Federal reserves are the US dollar. Although the US dollar is not only federal reserve vouchers in a broad sense, the US Treasury Department has not detoured the Fed's separate currency in the past 50 years.
    100 USD is now about 708.53 yuan. The exchange rate is a reference only in real -time changes. And this price is the selling price of bank cash, which is the price of the bank for your dollar. If you take the US dollar to the bank to exchange the RMB, you will take the cash buying price. This price will be lower, which is currently 702.72 yuan

  2. 1. Digital currencies are facing two aspects of risks. The first is the technical level. Digital currencies depend on blockchain technology and a system, which will cause it to suffer a security impact. For example, the computer system hacker attacks, we have seen many practical problems in this process.
    2. Another risk of digital currency is credit risk. Because digital currency transactions have middlemen, these middlemen are different from reality organizations. The organization in reality is visible and touched, but the middlemen of digital currencies are on the Internet with greater risks.
    3. Digital currencies are anonymous, fast, and irrevocable. In addition, digital currencies such as Bitcoin have high circulation worldwide, so many criminals use digital currencies as new money laundering channels. In addition, there are many different ways to implement money laundering through digital currency. Generally speaking, the chance of new money laundering methods is lower than before, and many countries have not effectively crack down on digital currency money laundering methods and technologies. These factors have caused criminals to favor this way of money laundering.
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