5 thoughts on “What are the domestic Ethereum trading sites?”

  1. The high rankings are the domain kingdom, Binance, cloud currency, and Huobi. For individual investors, the fields with low investment thresholds are more suitable because its entry threshold starts from $ 100. Low.

  2. Hello, the subject
    The major websites such as ZB of Ethereum coins in China. Do not choose niche trading platforms. The depth is relatively low.
    Thank you

  3. There are many websites traded in Ethereum, because digital currency representatives are Bitcoin and Ethereum, and almost most of the platforms can be traded on Ethereum.

  4. Don't listen to them, there are no trading sites in China, and they are registered abroad. The China currency upstairs is also registered in Samoa. If there are exchanges in China, they are all around, and they invest cautiously.

  5. The platform that supports ETH transactions is recommended to China dollar, and China currency supports spot transactions and leverage transactions. After opening ZB to enjoy a 50% discount, the handling fee can be as low as 50% now.

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