2 thoughts on “How to use the virtual machine XP system”

  1. PKTCAP-UW-33554453-DIR 1-DIR 0 -O BROTH1.PCAP

    1. ESXi grabbing tool is PKTCAP-UW
    n general packaging method is the general package method is PKTCAP-UW-12345678-DIR 0 -O XXX.PCAP

    12345678 is the port number,

    -dir specified direction 0 (RX) vm-> OVS

    1 is entering (TX) OVS-> VM, default is 0,

    -o xxx.pcap is output to the file, the file name is xxx.pcap

  2. How can the virtual machine XP system be caught in the Black Shark system if you caught the bag. If you do n’t have it, you can find it in the app store.

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