What should I do if the Taobao buyer was investigated? What should I do? Will it be blocked? How long can it be eliminated

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  1. If the Taobao buyer number is investigated, there is a record of violations of regulations, and you can contact Taobao Xiao Er to inquire about the situation, find an order judged as a virtual transaction, and then provide the chat records of yourself and the seller Shoot the picture and send it to Xiao Er, and let Xiaofer verify.
    . If it is detected as a virtual transaction, it will not be severely deleted trading orders, evaluations, and so on. In severe cases, you will restrict purchase and logging in, which is equivalent to being blocked.
    The account judged as a restricted purchase, or a login account is permanent, and will not be eliminated in the future. If you still need to continue using Taobao accounts, you can use the new mobile phone number to register again.
    Extended information:
    If according to Article 61 of the "Taobao Rules":
    Ifly if the buyer assists the seller for false transactions, Taobao will take closing orders and add orders to the severity of the plot. Regardless of sales and/or closing the evaluation entrance, deleting credit points, credit points for illegal transactions, clear credit points, warnings.
    The authentication, restrictions on creating stores, restricting sending in -site letters, restricting the release of goods, restricting website login, restricting Wangwang records, restricting buyers' behavior, restrictions on initiating complaints, extended transaction timeouts and other processing measures.
    Reference Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Taobao Rules

  2. You should be a false transaction. If Taobao is sure that you are involved in false transactions, the most serious punishment for buyers is not the title, but restricting purchase. Penalties are generally not determined.
    The permanent restrictions will not be eliminated.

  3. If the situation is not serious, delete the transaction order and the reputation points generated. In severe cases, the Taobao account will be restricted to purchase or logging in. If you are on Taobao, you can only register another account. It is better to apply for account security or less, and checking the tools can help everyone judge whether the Taobao account is safe and healthy.

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