1 thought on “Why do leisure fish always reminds virtual items to be transaction?”

  1. Leisure fish always reminds that virtual items are prohibited because there is no virtual item guarantee service on the idle fish. Many item nouns systems are virtual items by default. In order to protect consumers' interests, consumers will be reminded before buying.
    If fish trading precautions:
    1. Wangxin can see the seller's transaction record. Wangxin is the official transaction chat tool recognized by Taobao. Real and effective evidence. Therefore, when the buyers are in contact, please use Wangxin to chat as much as possible to avoid other chat tools such as QQ.
    2. The buyer took a picture and the seller was shipped. It is worth noting that Taobao automatically confirms that the receiving time is 240 hours. In this time, you need to pay attention to the courier movement. Domestic express delivery basically stipulates that 5 days (120 hours) arrive. The goods time, refund is also possible.
    3. When receiving the goods, pay attention to valuable items. Do n’t let friends and colleagues sign on behalf of them. It is best to make an appointment with the delivery staff for a time. If it is not good, you can refuse the visa.
    4. There is a problem with the product. If the transaction is successful, if it is damage caused by human factors, it is recommended that you negotiate with the seller. Application of leisure fish without after -sales rights, it is recommended that you do not easily confirm the receipt, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

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