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  1. Russia's currency is called ruble.
    1. First of all, the current 1 ruble coin was issued in 1997. The material was originally copper nickel alloy. In 2009, the material was changed to nickel -plated steel core, which was the same as one dollar coin in my country. Therefore, the coins from 1997-2008 were copper nickel alloys, and the coins from 2010-2018 were nickel-plated steel cores.
    2. Russian people are very picky about food. The country's food is also very famous in the world. When you come to Russia, you must taste the precious caviar, the authentic Lodong soup and the traditional pancakes are very national characteristics. Usually the most common meat on the Russian table is beef, mutton, steak, sausage, etc.
    3. Russia is the world's largest country in the world not only rich natural resources, but also a lot of tourist attractions; The historical relics of the Kizhla Islands, Vladimir and Suzdal, and Lake Baikal.
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    What is the name of France's currency?
    Euro, France is the third largest country in Europe and the largest country in Western Europe. It borders Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and south with Spain, Anto, Monaco. The native territory is high in the southeast and northwest. It is roughly hexagonal. It is facing water in three. It is facing water in the south and the Atlantic Ocean in the west.
    France has become one of the European powers in the late Middle Ages to reach the heyday of the feudal society during the 17-18 century Louis XIV. The Republic, the national strength reached its peak in the 19-20th century. Before the Second World War, France was the second largest colonial empire in the world at that time, and the colonial area was 20 times that of the local area. After World War II, the Fourth Republic of France was established and replaced by the Fifth Republic established by Charles Da Goghle in 1958. In a long history, the country has cultivated many famous writers and thinkers who have a profound impact on human development. In addition, they also have the world's fourth world heritage.

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