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  1. I really want to laugh. I wonder if the original poster's question is these answers?

    but literally, the landlord asked Ghost software in what language was written. However, this involves two issues. First of all, there are more than one file of GHOST software. There are a series of tools in it. In this regard, I understand that the landlord is asking the main program of Ghost software Ghost.exe. What language is written in? Can you understand it like this? On the other hand, Ghost.exe may also be a multi -language mixed programming. For example, use high -level language to write the main program, write some modules in assembly language, and finally compile and produce an EXE file. Is it what the high -end language is.

    In the Ghost.exe file, and you can see the following in the file head:

    cwsdpmi R5 Copyright (C) 2000 CW Sandmann ([email protected]). rnThe stub loader is Copyright (C) 1993-1995 DJ Delorie.rn granted to use for any purpose provided this copyright remains present and .rnThis only applies to the stub, and not the whole program.

    The following is a cwsdpmi. The original address BBS.Leoboard/CGI-BIN/Printpage.cgi? Forum = 75

  2. @Echo OFF
    REM initialization
    call mouse.bat
    if exist u.dat set shd = 2
    ot exist u.dat SHD = 1
    if "%auto%" == "0" GOTO 1bak
    if "%auto%" == "1bak_1

    REM one -click backup C drive (manual mode)
    : 1bak
    call w.bat box ( White on red) @ghost_1b.bat: _1bak #2
    if 100 Goto exit nif "%"%"%"%" == "2" GOTO Exit
    if "%?%" == "1bak1

    : _1bak" one -click backup C drive "[x]

    warning: Once you press "Backup" and execute immediately, the original image will be covered!

    Tips: Press the "K" key to start backup, press the "ESC" key to return to the main menu.

    [backup (

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