5 thoughts on “What is the Douban score of "Flying Tiger Thunder"?”

  1. The Douban Rating is 6.6 points. This is a Hong Kong drama, which is quite high. The play tells that in the face of life and death fighting and continuous fierce fighting, the fearless hero of the Flying Tigers will always fight at the forefront of life and death. Blood stories to ensure the safety of citizens.
    is indeed very bloody, and the actor team is also relatively strong. It is supervised by Le Yiling, Cha Chuanyi, and co -directed by Cha Chuanyi, Deng Yancheng, Li Huimin, Miao Qiaowei, Huang Zongze, Wu Zhuoxi, Leepace, Ma Guoming, Wang Mingquan, Meng Jiahui, Meng Jiahui , Liang Jinghui, Wang Minde, Jiang Dawei, Chen Shancong, Zhang Xiwen, Cai Jie, Gou Yunhui, Yu Xiangning, Lin Jiahua, Chen Xiuzhu. The lineup is really powerful. To see the actors too.
    The shortcomings of this drama are that many places and sounds in the Cantonese version are not right. It is estimated that the original sound dialogue has been tried and reorganized in the later period. It feels uncomfortable and very popular. After watching 6 episodes, the plot is procrastinating, giving people a feeling that can abandon the drama at any time. This drama was filmed by Shaw and Youku. The whole drama seemed to be incorporated into the too strong mainland color. In addition, the theme song turned out to be Mandarin, which made people feel like watching Hong Kong dramas from the beginning. Without the taste of the original Hong Kong drama.
    Therefore, the Douban score is not high and normal.

  2. Douban score 6.6 points. This drama is quite average. Although the actor's lineup is powerful, the plot is mediocre and there is no bright spot.
    The rhythm of the whole drama has been tight and unrestrained. The content seems to be a lot of miscellaneous and the copy is very large, but there is almost no orgasm in the whole drama.
    The plot of this drama is also a bit chaotic, and the clues are very unclear. For example, before Sam went to save Wang Zhibin, he called. Who is the person on the phone? Sam has done a lot of things, can't see good or bad, but in the end he was so stunned by Wang Guodong? Then there is no follow -up plot. The plot is intermittent, and there are many places that I have not been connected. I originally thought it was buried in a foreshadowing, and then there was no more.
    If it really gathers many old stars, including Miao Qiaowei, Huang Zongze, Wu Zhuoji, Ma Guoming, Wu Qihua, and even Wang Mingquan, otherwise I will never look at this plot.

  3. The Douban score is 6.6 points, and this drama is worth watching.
    This drama is no longer the task of the main department of the Flying Tiger team itself, but shifted its attention to closely related to the anti -terrorism of the Flying Tiger. Personal safety, but must adhere to the special action group A Team, which is a special action group, which is a bit similar to the special agent department under the flying tiger team.
    , not only is the actor's lineup strong, the character design is reasonable, and there is basically no slot point. For example, Luo Jiacheng, the commander of the flying tiger played by Miao Qiaowei, has the courage and affection. Wang Guodong, played by Huang Zongze, is smart and brave, intelligent, and the key is filial. Ding Haoran, played by Ma Guoming, is witty and humorous, loves his career, and he is good at his own career. He focuses on his own job and is very attentive and pleasing.
    This, now it ’s rare to see such a good quality drama. I recommend everyone to watch it.

  4. Douban score 6.6. The actor's lineup is super powerful, all of which are the actors I like, like Huang Zongze, Three Brother and Wu Qihua, etc., and they have the wonderful to participate in the show. It is worth watching.

  5. The Douban score is 6.6, and the plot is relatively bland. Originally, I saw that this actor was still thinking why there were so many stars, but the score was not high. It turned out to be a question of the plot.

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