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  1. The current price of silver is 4.8 yuan/gram. Friendly reminder:
    1. Because the market changes in real time, these data are for reference only, and the specific price will be based on your actual market price at the time of your transaction.
    2. There is risk in entering the market, and investment must be cautious.
    This information:
    1) Silver futures. Silver Futures refers to futures with silver prices at a certain time in the future. Silver futures contract is a standardized futures contract, which is formulated by the corresponding futures exchange. The above provisions clarify the specific specifications of silver, silver quality, and delivery date. Domestic silver futures have been listed on the Shanghai Futures Exchange on May 10, 2012. Therefore, as the main producer and consumer of silver, China has no right to speak to prices. In the international market, the most famous silver futures include the London Metal Exchange and the New York Metal Exchange. Their silver futures prices have always reflected and guided changes in spot prices. Silver prices are gradually rising. Many investors invest in currency in many ways, including cash, silver futures, and silver extension transactions.
    2) Precautions for Silver Futures Investment. Silver futures investment should pay attention to three aspects: First, to grasp the fluctuation law of silver prices. The price of silver has the characteristics of high volatility. The fluctuation of silver prices is not only greater than the fluctuation range of gold prices, but also has the characteristics of abnormal fluctuations, large fluctuations, strong randomness, and high risk. Second, pay attention to the risk characteristics of futures investment. Margin transactions and debt settlement systems have higher requirements for investors' fund management capabilities; third, combine the characteristics of silver set assets and risk assets, in accordance with the principles of futures trend transactions, reasonably select the transaction direction and listing time.
    3) The relationship between silver and the US dollar: overall correlation. Looking at the history of the past 40 years, from the early 1970s to 1982, from the overall trend, the silver price was absolutely negatively related to the US dollar index; from 82 to 83 and 85 to 87, there were two short -term gaps , But in general, this relationship lasts until the end of the 1980s. The two in the past 10 years are quite confusing in the 1990s, and it is difficult to see specific rules.

  2. International silver prices can be inquired on the website of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC Rong Ewan). The offer is based on the previous day ICBC Ruyi Silver Manual (storage, storage, insurance premiums, appraisal fees and transportation fees).
    What is ICBC 999 Ruyi Silver?
    ICBC 999 Ruyiyin: "Ruyi Bank" refers to the design of the "Industrial and Commercial Bank of China" logo by the ICBC, manufacturing by designated silver processing enterprises, and the color of Ruyi Yinzhang and Ruyi Silver Equipment of AG999.9 kind.
    The: Ruyi Silver ingot products have three specifications: 100 grams, 500 grams, and 1,000 grams of 1,000 grams. They are issued for limited, equipped with unique number and their quality certificates; Issuing, equipped with unique number and its quality certificate.
    Ruyi Yinbao adopted the ingot shape of the Ming and Qing dynasties. It not only has the meaning of the traditional "recruiting wealth", but also because of the meaning of Ruyi and Xiangyun pattern.
    This expansion information: silver
    The silver refers to silver on paper transactions. Investors' trading records are only reflected in the "silver passbook account" pre -opened Extraction is a personal voucher -type silver. Its quotation is similar to foreign exchange business, that is, follow the fluctuation of the international silver market for quotation. Customers can buy low throws and earn differences by grasping the market trend.
    The silver silver can also be called silver document, which means that all people hold the silver owner are only a property voucher instead of silver. Property vouchers are called paper silver. The silver futures contract that can determine the delivery date is silver spot contracts that can be delivered at any time or uncertain delivery date, such as silver storage bills.
    The characteristics of paper and silver transactions are the following points:
    . The use of paper and silver transactions in the silver market can save savings, storage and storage costs, insurance premiums, appraisal fees for solid gold transactions The expenses such as transportation costs will reduce the additional costs in silver prices and improve the competitiveness of gold merchants in the market.
    . Paper and silver transactions can speed up the circulation of silver and increase the speed of silver market transactions.

  3. As of September 7, 2020, the latest silver price: 5.89 yuan/gram.

    This Reminder:
    1. Due to the real -time changes in the market, this data is for reference only, and the actual price price of your transaction shall prevail.
    2. There is risk in entering the market, and investment needs to be cautious.
    The response time: 2020-09-09, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank.

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  4. If you go to the silver, you can go to the silver (bank) and the spot silver (international price) to copy, which is similar to the copy of the shares. It is all virtual numbers. The real silver is the one -handed money and the delivery, ranging from about 30 ~ 50 yuan/gram. Sometimes the processing fee is nearly 100 yuan/gram. However, this silver jewelry must be true. Now there are many fake silver jewelry in the market. Don't be greedy for small and cheap. To be honest, the real silver hand ornaments are rare, and it is replaced by other metals. People with good eyesight will not buy fakes. They are so soft, have light, and are not easy to change color. It will not change color when it is not moved in half a year. This is the least time. 10 years, 20 years, or even 50 years will become black. This is the characteristics of true silver. Why is the price of real silver so high? This person who dedicated to studying Jinshi knows, but I am not a golden stone scientist, but I just learned a little bit of fur.

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