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  1. (Looking slowly, fine products, maybe you can suddenly become open ...)nIn the next text, I will put forward some seemingly different, even in the orthodox "investor", it seems that there are some rebellious and shocking views. I hope to agree with my friends to continue reading. I do n’t agree with my friends. Do n’t be true, do n’t try to change my view through debate, let alone scold angrily. Holding a hint of tolerance and sympathy for me will be very happy to see. Because these remarks are thought -provoking. What I said is not necessarily correct, and I don't necessarily say what I know, but I promise that I am telling all the truth.nIt should be noted that if you have more than ten years of stock theory and actual combat skills, these texts may be easier to understand for you; if you are a beginner, it is more appropriate to read these texts after a while, but now now Let's follow my thoughts first. In order to simplify the complexity, in some places, I will have to adopt a practice directly. Because there are many genres in stocks, there may be "professionals" who come forward to "criticize corrections" in any place. Sorry for such a discussion, I am afraid that this book will deviate from the theme and go far on the issue of branches. Everyone remembers here is my personal opinion and cognition. Some places and even as a whole do not conform to your ideas. It is normal.nWe have to start with the most fundamental question:nWhat is stock? What is the essence of stocks? This problem looks so simple and basic, but it has become more and more vague for two hundred years. From the perspective of speculators, it is called a unified name for them to give them a unified name, called "chips". "Chip", the props of the Money Magician also! In the era of electronic transactions, you call them electronic symbols and games. It is also these electronic symbols. In the eyes of "value investors", they have the nobility of the nobility: their "one shares" represent a company, representing the corporate culture and industry status of this company, and the individual who represents the chairman of the company. Charm, the investment value and development prospects of the company, the hen that can only go to the golden egg ... In short, it is given too much sacred meaning. In the country under the reign of atheism, the feelings and expectations of the "one" of "value investors" to the "one" they purchased are similar to God's worship of God's worship of God.nAs we all know, the contemporary contemporary stock god Volon Buffett is the masterpiece of the "value investment faction". His teacher Benjamin Graham and Philip Fisher were the originator of the value investment faction. People know that Buffett and his two teachers are not exactly the same, and they are also different between the two teachers. But it is certain that the three people, Buffett, Graham, and Fisher, made a pioneering contribution to value investment theory, thus giving out a technology analysis route with the "Dow theory". Research new path. Their ideas and methods deeply influenced the top investment masters of Wall Street, William Ones, and Peter Links. Unfortunately, the investment environment in the United States is unique, just as Buffett himself is unique. It was Buffett in the United States. Graham's value investment theory was born on the economic soil in the United States, just like Hong Kong created Li Ka -shing and Taiwan created Wang Yongqing. As long as these people change their positions and move their nests during the middle and youth, they will die silently like the crops grown in saline -alkali land. Personally, I think that the theory of copying value investment outside the United States is exactly the same.nNo country in the world can be as full of vitality and almost endless innovation as the United States, as well as maintaining such a long economic prosperity on the basis of innovation. Take a look at the great companies that hold the ears in various industries in the world, and those "100 times shares" and "thousand -time shares" that have grown at high speed were born in the United States: Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, General Electric, Wal -Mart ... Meeting; in addition, there are hundreds of small and medium -sized enterprises that appear in the face of "ten times"! What are the strangeness of people like Graham and Buffett in such a major environment? Although Graham wrote his life's experience and theory in selflessly in the three books of "Securities Analysis", "Interpretation of Financial Statement" and "Smart Investors", later generations can master these elasticity like its authors. Is it a big theory? Buffett is by far the oldest entrepreneur, financialist and investor in this world. What can he teach to future generations in his life? These people may not be able to appear in 500 years, they cannot be copied! Believers of "value investment factions" have the danger of collective reduction in "pseudo -value investors".nFortunatelynMost of them belong to another type of person who will focus on this book -the "professional speculators" represented by Victor Sporandi. So far, their teams are huge and their performance, and ordinary "value investors" are unable to look back.尤其重要的是,以维克多.斯波朗迪为代表的“专业投机者”所取得的成就是可以复制的,他们的分析方法也是能够通过培训来传授的(指初级的、基本的内容, Advanced technology and experience still have to be understood by yourself)! Therefore, at this time, the two factions who often quarrel and fight for "orthodox" are more suitable for Chinese investors. In summary, a conclusion of Shi Jietian was drawn: the so -called "value investors" in China may be some people who did not enter the door of the stock. Although some of them made money or even a lot of money, he was unconfident about the money he made, because he didn't know if he could copy his success in the next transaction! The so -called long -term holding confidence is often tested and tormented because of blindness and lack of sense of direction. The contradictions of the Chinese stock market that are fake to become fake is even more prominent. They are blind and lazy.

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