1 thought on “How many Malaton does 30 to 52 take?”

  1. Maraton 30-52 levels, 10W experience at a time, can basically increase the level twice at level 30 to 35. With the level of level, experience needs are more, and it is necessary to brush the Malaton 120 times to level 52.
    1-15 Western wilderness fried crab 1-10 1h 10-15 2h.
    15-30 Prison average 4-5 times per grade.
    30-52 Maraton (Super) average 3-5 times / level 20min.
    52-60 Stansomam average 5 times / level 15min.
    Mradon is a relatively famous copy, because the "script incident" was raised before, and all players knew the existence of Marlaton. Even those who upgraded the task upgrades, hearing Malaton is like thunder.
    Mradon is not only able to brush gold coins. Since the opening of nostalgia, Marlaton has been an upgrade of the Holy Land. Moreover, it can rise from level 30 to level 52, spanning levels 22. It is a place that players like very much. The speed of upgrading at a level one hour. If the "liver" is a little bit, you can upgrade level 52 in more than a day.

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