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  1. 1) Matrix Rank
    The rank of matrix 2) Rank of Matrix
    The rank of the matrix
    1., Pn (n> n ≥ 2) be directed of white at least two are paralllel, if The angle formed by Pi, Pi is pipj = oij and mi is positive number (I, the Next of the equality holding is that the rank of matrix a = (mimjsin2) n × n is n 1 aND the NEGAGAGT N 1 angat Are Equal.3) Rank of a matrix
    The rank of matrix 4) Matrix
    1.through the analysis of the measured round contour,a new matrix algorithm which can be used to solve the roundness error of the measured round profile directly without Fourier transform was presented.rn通过对3点法圆度误差分离技术的分析和基于被测圆The contour geometric characteristics are unchanged and periodic. It proposes a new algorithm that does not require Fourier transformation and can directly solve the round outline error of the measuring circular contour -matrix algorithm.
    2.The Matrix Method is Employd to Analyze the Optical Activity of liquid Crystal, and the matrix of options given.
    analyzed the liquid crystal spiral effect of the liquid crystal with matrix method. Use the JG-3 type continuously adjustable magnetic field instrument to build an experimental device. The infrared 1350nm laser is used as a light source. The polarized light is measured by the magnetic field under the influence of the magnetic field. Through experimental testing, the intensity of the threshold magnetic field of the liquid crystal was discussed, and at the same time, the theoretical analysis of the experimental results was conducted. The conclusion of the LCD light corner changed with the angle of the magnetic field and the surface of the liquid crystal box. The rotation direction has nothing to do with the direction of the magnetic field. This has an important reference value for better research on the characteristics of LCD and the design of LCD devices
    3.basing on the above theory, this paper gave the content of work Safety Matrix, and The process of how to set up the matrix.
    The concept of corporate safety production responsibility matrix based on the above ideas, which gives the process of building an enterprise safety production responsibility matrix process.

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