What is the initial password of Bank of China digital RMB

What is the initial password of Bank of China digital RMB

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  1. The initial password of Bank of China's bank card was randomly generated when making a bank card, which was stored in the password envelope. When mailing, it will be delivered directly with the card. If you lose your password envelope, or you modify the password in the password envelope, and you forget the modified password, then you can take your ID card, go to the business outlet of your first card to apply for password loss, Or change a new card. The replacement new card, the card number is unchanged, the password is randomly reset, and the reset password will be stored in the password envelope. I will give you when receiving the card, and the password loss and card change must be charged.

    The bank card category:
    1, credit card
    . Credit cards are divided into loan cards and quasi -loan cards. The loan card refers to the credit card of the cardholder to the card holder a certain credit limit for the cardholder. The quasi -loan card refers to the cardholder to pay a certain amount of backup funds according to the bank's request. When the backup deposit is insufficient, the credit card that can be overdraft within the credit limit prescribed by the card issuer can be paid.
    2, loan card
    Credit card (Credit Card), often referred to as credit cards, refers to the card issuer to the cardholder a certain credit limit. Repayment credit card. It has the characteristics: first consumption and then repayment, enjoy the interest -free payment period (up to 56 days), and there is a minimum repayment amount. Customers need to pay a certain number of annual fees to the application for banks, and each bank is different.
    3, quasi -loan card
    Plip loan card is a single currency type account credit card with a deposit and interest -free card consumption. Trading and other functions. When credit card consumption and cash withdrawal deposit balance are insufficient, the cardholder can overdo the consumption and cash withdrawal in the prescribed limited credit limit, and receive a certain interest. There is no interest -free repayment period.
    4, digital bank card
    Digital bank cards are virtual cards, without physical cards, which can meet various scenarios such as payment consumption and living payment. Digitalization, no physical card, can meet the consumption needs of various scenarios such as consumption and living payment.

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