5 thoughts on “I was deceived by the securities broker”

  1. If she is an official employee of a securities company, you can first contact the securities company to solve it, because the agent agent customer's direct transaction itself is illegal, and the securities company has the responsibility and obligation to help you solve it.
    If not, it is recommended that you sue the parties at the place.

    In legal perspective, oral agreement is also protected by law. I don't know if you have certification. You just said you, I think not only you, you can collectively sue her collectively collectively

  2. Haha, there is no agreement without an agreement ~!

    The not winning, he took your funds to fry the order ~!


    . If he sells the base price, it can be sued!

    Because this is real evidence!

    There is no way!

    don't be too easy to believe in people!

    The my customers want to let me go to the trading, I personally disagree!

    Finally, let them go to the trading by themselves!

  3. Seeing what you say, you can find the securities company he belongs to it. At present, the relevant laws stipulate that the securities broker may not operate the customer's account in any case. Let's take a look.

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