5 thoughts on “Picasso's paintings auction 660 million yuan, why can it be so valuable?”

  1. His paintings were not worthy. It was a person who pointed to his paintings to decide to invest, so his paintings were valuable. I have learned to draw paintings before. Although the teacher talked about Picasso's paintings, I still did not listen to it, but I still did not listen to it. Understand.
    The reason why I didn't understand is very simple, because it is a subjective judgment that the teacher will add to it. Picasso's paintings are not so godlike, just because his paintings have been invested in financial investment, so his paintings are worthy of money. Essence
    and today's old skills re -applied, and rewarded his paintings to the financial market. Of course, I will not explain to you. I buy this painting to put it in the financial market, so you can only see shallows in all sectors of society. 660 million yuan, and the capital operation behind it cannot be seen.
    , the painting that is thrown in the financial market
    If this painting if it is placed in the financial market, whether it is G ticket or fund, it will basically increase the price. No one will buy it, and many people will scold you for neuropathy after buying this painting. The truth is not clear.
    Because this painting becomes another kind of investment, it becomes a currency. This currency will never be lower than the purchase price. As long as the operation is good, it will easily make 660 million yuan. Otherwise, why do you think these guys buy paintings? sentiment? temperament? It's all nonsense.
    , the money is cleaned
    . There is also a role, that is, to turn some less glorious money into the sun, then what is needed is this way. For example, I now have 200 yuan now Money, but this money is unknown, what should I do? Let me sell a picture, and then ask someone to buy it without paying a penny, but I must say to the outside world to sell 200 yuan, so just sell it and buy it, and the money becomes bright.
    This is very common. Many antiques are used, including the painter's paintings. The genuine product you see is likely to be fake. Otherwise, why did the painter become famous after his painter's death? It is to borrow the name of the artist, and it doesn't matter what it is painted.

  2. Because his works are very good, they all highlight the characteristics, and his reputation is also very high, every detail is well drawn, so it is loved by many people.

  3. Because this work has special significance, it can reflect the social background of the time through this work, so it is very valuable.

  4. It is because this painting is really very good. It is also a famous painting in Picasso. The collection is very high, and a very valuable painting.

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