1 thought on “What is the call fee for the KC network telephone forum?”

  1. The latest KC network telephone launched the "Forum Posting and Earning Points for Points for Calling Fees". As long as you log in to the KC network telephone forum to send posts, you can get points. The more points are obtained, you can use KC phone and SMS permissions for free to get more points.
    posting, replies, promotion or participation in the forum activities, so that you can get forum points. In fact, everyone believes that everyone has soaked, but other forums only add a point that has no meaning, and you post in the KC forum, except for except In addition to the forum, you can also get online telephone fees for free, two strokes, good! Friends who love forums, your posts and moderators have scores. Do you want to get more points in the same circumstances and participate in free network resource areas to get more points. The specific rules are as follows:
    Excellent hair is excellent in hair. Post: Points 2
    Different IP replies: 1 point/10 stickers
    Week reward: continuously send excellent posts of additional additional additional additional additions 5
    month rewards: continuous post -continuous posts 10 (plus weekly 5 records 30)
    will also freely give up the call fee
    KC coin
    and KC pretty number
    or free Q coins
    Detailed instructions:
    mo's latest free network telephone:

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