What does it mean to buy more short positions for futures?

What does it mean to buy more short positions for futures?

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  1. Buy more: If the price is rising, investors make money;
    Ollar sales: also called empty, that is, the price decline and investors make money;
    买 买: The investor holds off and lifts the contract , Leave the field;
    The position of the position: is the opening of the position today, the meaning of the liquidation today. In the last period, the Zhengshang Institute, and the Shanghai International Energy Center's many transactions were in Pingcang for exemption fees (gold, copper, aluminum, cotton yarn, red dates, PTA, white sugar, crude oil), Dashang Institute and CICC Institute Many varieties are charged by Pingcang plus fees (iron ore, coking coal, coke, fine wooden board, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300, Shanghai Stock Exchange 50, CSI 500), please understand; The meaning of the warehouse that was opened yesterday corresponds to today's warehouse.
    This information
    C product futures and financial futures. Commodity futures are also divided into industrial products (can be subdivided into metal goods (precious metals and non -precious metal products), energy goods), energy products), agricultural products, other goods, etc. Financial futures are mainly traditional financial commodities (tools) such as stock indexes, interest rates, exchange rates, etc., and various futures transactions include options transactions.
    Cope futures
    Agricultural futures: such as soybeans, soybean oil, soybean meal, rice rice, wheat, corn, cotton, white sugar, coffee, pork coriander, rapeseed oil, palm oil.
    metal futures: such as copper, aluminum, tin, lead, zinc, nickel, gold, silver, thread, wire.
    Energy futures: such as crude oil (plastic, PTA, PVC), gasoline (methanol), fuel oil. Emerging varieties include temperature, carbon dioxide emission quotas, and natural rubber.
    stock index futures
    stock index futures: such as the British FTSE Index, German DAX Index, Tokyo Nikkei Index, Hong Kong Hang Seng Index, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index
    : interest rate futures It refers to futures contracts based on bond securities as the subject matter, which can avoid the risk of securities price changes caused by interest rate fluctuations. Interest rate futures can generally be divided into short -term interest rate futures and long -term interest rate futures. The former is mostly based on the March interest rate of the midfielder in the interbank industry, and the latter is mostly based on long -term bonds of more than 5 years.
    The Foreign Exchange Futures, also known as currency futures, is a futures contract that exchanges one currency into another currency on the final trading day. It refers to the futures contract with the exchange rate as the target to avoid the risk of exchange rates. It is the earliest variety in financial futures.
    The metal is one of the relatively mature futures varieties in the world futures market. The world's metal futures transactions are mainly concentrated on the London Metal Exchange, the New York Commercial Exchange and the Tokyo Industrial Exchange. In particular, the transaction price of the futures contract of the London Metal Exchange has been recognized as the pricing standard of non -ferrous metal transactions around the world.
    The futures transactions provide a place and means to avoid price risks for the spot market. The main principle is to use the two markets of the spot period to carry out dating transactions. In the actual production and operation process, in order to avoid the ever -changing of commodity prices leading to rising costs or decline in profits, it can use futures transactions to preserve the dating, that is, buying or selling in the futures market is equal to the number of in the spot market but the opposite of the transaction direction is the opposite direction. Futures contracts make the profit and loss of futures market transactions.

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