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  1. "Watch Dogs" core plot task, players can use the tools they have mastered to complete these tasks. This show has begun from a suburbs of Chicago. This is the poorest neighborhood alley in the city. It is scattered with wreckage rubble, graffiti lanes, and deserted buildings. Many weeds grow on the broken scholars.
    has graffiti everywhere, but it is not just ordinary decoration. We found monkeys patterns and monitors that were sprayed in several places.
    Idening. Pierce pulled out his gun and held it behind him and acted. In this way, he has ready to move and avoid attracting attention.
    Is when Aiden raised a gun, the crowd would immediately react, some people fled, others began to find cover. Aiden shot at the crowd. At present, everyone rushed to run away, the scene was chaotic, and some people nearby began to call the police. If you find the person who is alarming, you can block the communication of the other party; in one show, Aiden even snatched his mobile phone directly from the other side and smashed directly to the ground.
    In another display, the protagonist did not stop the alarm in time, but we can still leave the hot area marked on the mini map to avoid contact with the police. Any item can be used as a cover. We see Aiden hiding in: cars, box -type cars, trucks, damaged washing machines, lane walls, fences, ventilation holes in the roof, and countless objects in the surrounding environment around other games.
    Aiden, as a scarlet hacker, has a universal vehicle theft tool. He can take away all the cars he wants, just click on, he can open the door and sit in.
    In Chicago in "Watching Dogs", people put their cash and good things in the car's front cabinet, and Aiden will scrape it out by the way when he gets a new car. Aiden went to the pawnshop to sell his plunder. Over there, he can also buy parts to create new items, such as the "binary compound" and other chemicals, used to make the production of explosives (IED), and he can also accumulate some bullets.
    In pawnshop, we noticed that there was a small icon in the game interface that read "Threate". Although we did not see how it actually operated, we couldn't wait to try it.
    In some areas, the icons on the residents have a red fork, which means that Aiden cannot be hacked into these people.
    This in the restricted area is marked on a mini map with a red area. The area is a local CTOS control center, which is where Aiden hacked anything in the area that needs to be infiltrated. Aiden can approach this restriction area in any way he wants. In addition, the "regional unlocking" task is fully determined by the player.
    Although the bomb was only killed only one guard, other guards began to be highly alert. Aiden took out his rifle and shot a guard from the roof.
    In another display in the same area, Aiden hacked the lid of the roof ventilation to make it rising, creating a convenient bunker to let Aiden get two guards; Very clever and trying to attack from the side wing, the bunker is not always reliable.
    This suddenly slowed down, so that Aiden had time aiming and annihilating the last guard. This is a ability called "focus" in the game, allowing players to perform a number of actions at the same time by slowing the time, borrowing at the same time, borrowing, and borrowing. This emphasizes multiple hacking; in this example, Aiden uses "focus" to obtain more sufficient bullets.
    Aiden found the entrance to the server room in the building, which is the second step of unlocking the regional control center. Aiden needs to reach this position and use the previously obtained security password to enter the server room.
    Aiden has the complete authority of all elements that can be hacked in this area, including: all computers, any surveillance camera, and a criminal system (Crime System); after leaving the control center Detailed information of call monitoring and scanning.
    Obviously, Aiden's character analysis ability is suitable for everyone in this area, from Shaquan Johnson, who has the animal home, and 40 years old, MELANIE Scott, who is often obsessed with pornographic websites. Among them.
    Aiden can get the basic information of the character when approaching the person, or lock the character from the hacking monitor, can achieve the same effect.
    The criminal prediction system involved at this time, warning potential possibilities of crime near Aiden, Aiden got up to investigate.
    as while monitoring the camera constantly looking for potential crimes, the two gangs were noticed that the monitoring camera tracked them, and one of them picked up stones and smashed the camera. At this time, Aiden discovered that the potential victims described the text in yellow, and the percentage indication representing the incidence of crime was constantly rising.
    The potential criminals and victims are local gang members named Black Viceroys. Aiden watched them continue to communicate (one of the unfortunate tendencies). Turning to warning red at 70%.
    Aiden decided to intervene in interference and stop the gangs from turning into a murder together. When Aiden pulled out his gun and ran forward, the criminals were alert and turned away. Aiden followed the street and shuttled between complex alleys.
    The criminals drilled into a vehicle to escape, so Aiden also caught a car to chase and quickly soared on the street. In the process, Aiden knocked down the pedestrian, and this would affect his reputation.
    It, like Chicago in the real world, the differences between good and bad areas are surprising. As we are close to the Loop of the city center, we see the famous Chicago Ferris Building quickly emerged.
    Whether it is still in operation or has long been abandoned, the Chicago River on the side of the town is a factory, which reminds us of the development of the city from the blue -collar workers.
    Aiden finally chased the villain and crashed his car. The criminal abandoned the car and escaped, Aiden got out of the car to chase to the cement block, jumped over it and used it as a cover. Name of criminals. In this way, his reputation increases by 35 points, which will affect how residents and the media discuss you and respond to you.
    Aiden went to Chicago's famous local landmark construction Willis Tower. It was originally called Sears Tower when it was completed. The height is still the tallest building in North America so far.
    In in the Willis Building, Aiden noticed that two people pointed to their mobile phones. It turned out that they were playing a name NVZN (English pronunciation "Invasion"), a one Virtual aliens invade the actual world of virtual reality games.
    IDen played NVZN for a while, and the purple virtual alien fired a few shots when he entered his virtual field of vision. Some aliens attached to the people nearby and wrapped their heads with their tentacles. Aiden can start the game at any time, players can challenge friends or compete in the rankings.
    Aiden can hack the tram under driving or use it to return to various places.
    As Eden entered the entrance of the Wales Building, we heard the popular songs played out of the outdoor loudspeaker. Aiden took out his mobile phone and used a song to find a software app, like Shazam in the real world, so that Aiden could recognize and buy songs in the game (using the currency in the game).
    In addition, Aiden also has many apps on his mobile phone. We have seen at least various action applications including "survival strategy", "wireless network hotspot", "graffiti wall" and "urban map" Program.
    Aiden continued to observe the local people. He found that someone is a judo expert and an annual income of $ 47,000. Account withdraw cash.
    Idening passing by wireless network hotspot, it is not very safe (senior producer Dominic Guay reminds us). In order to hack more things, Aiden will start it (by hacking into the box on the street), and then go to the nearby roof to find the wireless network box of the building and hack it into it.
    Aiden can hack into that residential apartment. It was hacked with Arvid Steadman's home, a 41 -year -old physical therapist who likes to collect human -shaped dolls with moving joints.
    IDen directly monitors him through the video lens on the ARVID laptop. He sat next to the human model of the department store that stolen. "I know this is not your home, but it can be your home." Arvid Ask a request to say to the stiff partner.
    Photing this creepy clip, Aiden hacked ARVID's information and stole his driver's license and license.
    returned to the street, Aiden strolled on the shopping avenue, the loudspeaker played Muzak, Aiden hacked and changed to play the light orchestra he had collected.
    Iddon intercepting a text message from the vendors of the poison of his cognitive intercepting potential crimes, and the seller is let his partner know where to find a man who rapes his wife. This made Aiden (and player) about morality in his heart: to prevent potential murder against sexual criminal habitual criminals? Or letting street justice with prejudice -handling everything, which seems to be unable to achieve in a regular judicial process?
    IDen to the alleyway where the suspect was in the rape, took out a pistol and sneaked nearby, and then rely on the surveillance camera and found the potential victims. Aiden did not intervene in this on -site display, but Guay reminded us -these decisions will be held in the player's own hands, and all the decisions will also have an impact on the entire game.
    The next stop to the gun shop, a place when Aiden needs to buy extra weapons. In the display, Aiden was equipped with a pistol and assault rifle.
    It at least in the store we have seen: AK-47, SG-590 scattered shotgun, VECTOR. 45ACP submachine gun and M107 sniper rifle. According to the previous official information shows, more than 30 weapons will bring.
    The owner of the gun shop really knows how to wear the T-Shirt with a wolf pattern very rock.
    In browsing the product, the TV above the cash register is reporting to the emergency news about Aiden, and said it as "the suspect of murdering Joseph Demarco". Stretching to the cash register to trigger the silent alarm bell; Aiden noticed all of this, pulled out his gun, looted the cash register, and finally rushed out of the store. Police are everywhere, and starting to gather outside the gun shop. Aiden grabbed a car and started the streets. It was at dusk that it was starting to rain, water and gas on the road, and the real response of the fog in the air in the light generated by the front lights. Such surprising details made us. Can't help but admire the power of the second generation of games.
    Aiden uses his "focus" ability to slow down the time. While driving at full speed, he hacked the traffic signal light at full speed and the police collide to the opposite traffic. Aiden once again used his "focus" ability to discover some street blocking railings. He rose and destroyed the police car behind him after passing.
    IDen hacked into the iron roll door of the nearby garage and turned into the room. Getting rid of the police's sight, Aiden left the car and then stepped out of the garage. However, a police helicopter appeared over the sky, hit the spotlight on Aiden, and called the additional police support to the scene at the same time. Aiden jumps on motorcycles and raises more street blocking railings, while motorcycles can easily cross. However, because of the spotlight from the helicopter over above, he could not easily avoid the police pursuit.
    Aiden hacked a event to open and closer the bridge, and the bridge began to rise slowly. He urged the throttle of the motorcycle and was ready to rise. The display of this stage was over during the jump.

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