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  1. This is because you are too frequent with shaking, so it may be a robot that is automatically generated by the system, which will be unblocked after 24 hours.
    The and when you shake it at the same time, it may be shaken to the other party, but it is not 100 %. This is a matching system based on the data returned at that time. For example: When A shakes to B, B may also shake to A at the same time, but B may also be C.
    It WeChat unblocking:

    1. WeChat was blocked without prompts, only functional restrictions.

    2. If the violation is serious, it will be limited to login.


    The first blocked one day, the second time it is closed for a longer time.

    The self -service unblocking:

    The enter the "I" option in the lower right corner below the WeChat layout, click to enter;

    Click "Settings in the interface "Options, click to enter;

    Click the" About WeChat "option in the interface, click to enter;

    Click the" Help and Feedback "option in the interface, click to enter;

    Click the "WeChat official website" option in the interface, click to enter;

    pull to the bottom of the screen. ;

    enter the blocked WeChat account number;

    enter the verification mobile phone number;

    enter the verification code;

    The verification code can be filled in;

    The third violation of the rules is permanent banning, not unsealed.

  2. 1. First log in to WeChat and chat the interface.
    2, then slide left or click "Discover".
    3, select "Shake" into the interface at the discovery interface.
    4, at this time, it entered the shaking interface and could start to shake.
    5. At the interface of shaking, the default is the function of shaking people. You shake your phone a few times. After stopping, the system will automatically search for people who shake the phone at the same time.
    6. After the search is over, the search will be displayed below.
    7. If you are more interested in who you are, you can click on this person's avatar.
    8, the information of this person will be displayed next, you can say hello to him.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, WeChat shakes the dummy, and can be processed according to the following steps. 1. First turn on the phone, find the "WeChat" icon, and click the icon to enter the main interface of WeChat. 2. Then click the "I" button in the lower right corner of the phone screen. 3. Find the "Settings" option and click this option. 4. Then we can see a "general" option on the WeChat interface and click on this option. 5. Find the option of "Discover the Page Management" and click. 6. Then we can see the key on the right side of the option "Shake" is turned on. Click the key of this opening to make it gray -white and you can turn off this feature. 7. At this time, we click on the key to the opening, turn on the "shake one" function, and then we can relieve the situation of "shaking". I hope my answer can help you.nI tried it more, no matter how to use itnAnswer Hello, you can process it according to the conventional processing method above. If this method does not work, it means that you can use the number of shakes too frequently. You can only return to normal without using this function for about ten days.nI ask questions about this situation for almost a month. I don’t need it every ten days.nAnswer Hello, if you have been in this case for a long time, you can call to appeal. I originally had a number, which was basically abandoned for this reason. You'd better not shake it for ten days.nQuestion, let me try, how to call to appealnAnswer a little, I will help you inquire.nWeChat customer service 95017. The WeChat customer service time is from 9:00 to 22:00. It is recommended to choose a unpopular time for dialing. The probability of connecting is higher.nAsk questions, thank you, did you get through the problem and solve the problem?nThe method I just used to use was that it was normal for a few days, because this problem always appeared frequently, and it was basically not available in the end. Because it was a trumpet, there was no appeal and abandoned.nQuestion, how to use two WeChat on WeChat, I have two mobile phone numbersnAnswer my original two WeChat signals to switch back and forth on the phone. Although it is a bit troublesome, this method is very easy to use. You can find the bottom line in the WeChat settings and switch the WeChat signal so that the two WeChat signals can be associated.nMore 13nBleak

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