1 thought on “How to write a notice of employees in work clothes?”

  1. Notice on unified wear work clothes
    The employees: In order to establish the company's unified corporate employee image, reflect corporate culture, and standardize employee behavior, the company implements the requirements of uniform work clothes to work in work. N1. Employees must wear professional uniforms distributed by the company from Monday to Friday.
    2. Employees should take care of and properly keep their work clothes. Pay attention to the instrument instruments, and strive to be clean, generous, and decent, and fully reflect the professional style.
    3. If there are no prescribed work clothes within the prescribed time and requirements, the company will give notification criticism.
    4. The company will send a special person to conduct irregular random checks on the standards of employees. Please actively cooperate.
    The work clothes are specially made for work needs, and it is also a uniform clothing for employees. Generally, the clothing issued by the factory or the company to the staff is uniform, and I call it a work suit. With the continuous development of the work service industry, more and more industries and enterprises must be used in work clothes.

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