5 thoughts on “What brand of insect medicine do dogs use?”

  1. There are many current deworming products, and the brand of insect repellent is also complicated.
    The more common brands are Fulan, Bayer, Pfizer, etc. These brands are relatively well -known in China.
    The corresponding deworming products have a certain audience, because they are all well -known companies, so as long as they do not buy fakes, their deworming effects should be good. However, the role of different insect repellent drugs has a certain difference, so it is necessary to pay attention to its corresponding role when choosing a dog deworming medicine.
    The dog deworming medicine used by the most pet hospitals is Flaiin's products, and Finaire does have a certain reputation in this field, so it is recommended to a certain amount of recommendation. As for some other brands, they have their own strengths, and the owners can choose according to their actual situation.

  2. As a senior shoveling officer, let me tell you, I have always used the dog for the dog for the dog, which has been for almost three or four years. It is a deworming brand imported from France. There are recommendations, it is still more secure, and the insect repellent is also very good. Before Xiaobai had fleas, he always scratched himself with your claws. The flea fell off from it, and the spirit gradually improved. It drove the flea to kill the flea within a day, and it would not enter the blood. It did not harm any harm to the health of the dog and the human. Now every month I use Flaen to repel deworming, the dogs have been healthy, and our family is also very secure. I recommend you to try it too!

  3. Regardless of the dog, if it is deworming in the body, it is good to buy ordinary alptol, cheap and effective. If it is deworming in the body and outside the body, the veterinarian shop can buy Ivein aldidazole powder. Take it once, just take three times, the brand medicine is too expensive, it may not be effective, but the price is good, haha, ok.

  4. There are many brands on the market. Incavigatically deworming can choose to worship Qingqing, but dogs below 3kg cannot be taken. In vitro deworming, you can choose super credible, soo, Ewch, and great pet. You can also drive some parasites in the body.
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