5 thoughts on “There are pet dogs in Hefei”

  1. Hefei currently has two influential dog markets
    1. Dog market in Huapong Park. It is currently the largest pet dog trading market in Hefei. There are about 100 sellers who have been doing business here for a long time, and fish and dragons are mixed. Generally, there are the most ons and daytime people, and there are people on working days.
    2. Pet dog market on Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street. Generally, it lasts from around 11pm until more than 2 am the next day. Here also attract a large number of Hefei citizens to buy pet dogs.
    It is interested, you can take a look, beware of being deceived.

  2. 100 million pet shop
    Address: Luyang District, Hefei City, Anhui Province
    Tel: (0551) 5233198
    million pet pet shop Feixi Store n Address: Hefei City, Hefei City, Anhui Province
    F love little. Pet shop
    Address: No. 419, Jinzhai Road, Luyang District, Hefei City
    Tel: 0551-2638806

  3. Every Wednesday, Sunday morning, Huayong Park is sold. Although there are still many pet shops in Hefei, the price of Huayong's dog should be the cheapest. Although there are many dog ​​vendors, you can find the one that many belongs to the family raising dog and then given birth to the puppy. When the dog, you must first ask if they have raised seedlings for the dogs, how many times did they fight? Otherwise, you bought a lot of cheap dogs, but it is easy to die without breeding.

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