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  1. If the dogs breed of gastroenteritis, but the symptoms are not very serious, the pet owner can refer to the following measures to take care of the dog at home to see if the dog can improve.
    1. Fasting the gastrointestinal and stomach
    The occurrence of gastroenteritis has a lot to do with the improper diet of the dog. The most common is to eat corrupt foods or overeating to increase gastrointestinal discomfort. If the dog has diluted but does not vomit, you should fast for a period of time to observe for a period of time to avoid continuous feeding to stimulate the stomach and stomach, and give the stomach a rest time.
    2. Take antibiotics
    If the dog's diarrhea during fasting, it is mainly due to inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, which increases the unbalanced flora. Dao anti -inflammatory and anti -infection can give it an appropriate amount of long music according to the dog's weight. This is a newcomin tablet dedicated to cats and dogs. During this period, pay attention to replenish the dogs, feed some glucose water, and avoid the dog seriously. Dehydration.
    3. Pay attention to diet and care
    . If the symptoms of dogs are reduced after care, the dog's symptoms need to be paid attention to the maintenance of its stomach, give the dog some mild and soft food, reduce the stimuli of its gastrointestinal stomach Such as millet porridge, nutrition cream, Wang Xiangyang milk powder, etc., can be added to help dogs take care of the stomach and the balance of bacteria.
    The diet must be reasonable, regular, clean and hygienic, to avoid uneven hunger and full dogs, and to avoid dogs that are too cold or greasy to eat, so as to reduce stimuli to its gastrointestinal stomach.

  2. First of all, it is necessary to confirm what the dog gastroenteritis is caused by:n1. Primary gastroenteritis is mainly due to improper breeding, hunger and fullness, food corruption, or difficulty in digestion, and unwavering drugs and irritating drugs. This lesion is more common in dogs that eat the internal organs, bones, and meat of animals.n2、继发性肠胃炎是指在某些传染病(如犬瘟热、冠状病毒病、犬细小病毒)及寄生虫病(如钩虫病、球虫病、鞭虫病、小袋虫病、 Gastitis caused during the course of Toxoplasma).nTreatment of dog gastroenteritisn1. Strengthening nursing is the key: dogs need to be placed in places with appropriate temperature; after vomiting can be relieved, it is properly fed to sugar and salt water; warm application of the abdomen; feeding more irritating foods, such as liquid food.n2. Clean up the gastrointestinal: For dogs who are full of bloating and diluted stomach, they should fast, and if necessary, use vegetable oil and other laxatives to clear the intestines.n3. Calm and abolition: Vomiting will increase the damage to the dog's stomach, and it will cause the dog to dehydrate and cause other series of complications. For those with severe vomiting, antivit drugs need to be given.n4, anti -inflammatory and anti -diarrhea are important: by injection of anti -inflammatory drugs, or oral anti -laxatives, symptomatic treatment.nBoth Simiidine and Amka Star are medicated. It is not recommended to use, but if the dog's condition is particularly bad and urgent, you can feed a small amount. You must pay attention to the amount. If you have the conditions, it is best to use animal medicine.

  3. Dogs do n’t have to worry about gastroenteritis. What are the causes first? See if the dog has a spirit or a parasite in the body. Tao mucosa, quickly stop diarrhea. For details, please Baidu.

  4. Causes: Generally caused by improper breeding, such as too cold foods, corruption or indigestible feed, toxic drugs (outer medication), high nervous nervousness, and a large number of antibiotics, destroying enteric bacteria system, etc. ; Some infectious diseases ~~ Viral gastritis caused by viral gastrointestinals ~~ (such as canine plague, small virus infections, hook -end spirals, etc.), parasitic disease (such as hookworms, tapeworms, tapeworms) and bacteria, fungi and its toxins, Even allergies of food can cause enteritis. According to the nature and severity of enteritis, it is divided into card type enteritis, hemorrhagic enteritis, necrotic enteritis, cellulose enteritis, etc.
    Symptoms: In addition to bad mental, loss of appetite, or even abolition, the most important symptoms are diarrhea, arched back, abdominal pain, hyperthyroidism, and severe after urgency. According to the nature of the lesion, dilute can be water -like, or paste, mucus with blood, and stool. When there are bacteria or virus infections, there may be higher body temperature. Gastritis often occurs in acute enteritis, so vomiting and diarrhea occur. The diseased dog is severely dehydrated, the spirit is gloomy, the eyeballs are sinking, the skin is godless, the skin is lost, the pulse is thin, weak, fast, and blood is concentrated. Desertication occurs when there is severe diarrhea in monochitis. When the feces are blood, the bleeding site can be determined according to the blood color, and the rear color can be bright red.
    Treatment: Mild kattitis can heal itself. A boat should clean up the gastrointestinal and intestines, use neutral salt laxatives, and discharge the internal objects of gastrointestinal corruption and fermentation, and then use compound dragons, artificial salt and other stomach. If water diarrhea is not stopped, a convergent can be used such as active carbon; in order to protect intestinal mucosa, hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide can be used. Earthpin or bull eggplant. If it is bacterial or viral enteritis, sulfa, furabin or antibiotics can be used, such as sulfa mi, dysentery, chloramphenicol, etc. In addition, use strong heart, replenishment, vitamin B, C, etc. according to the condition.

  5. What should a dog have gastroenteritis? What should a dog have a small virus?

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